Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My child loves to be naked.

My child loves to be naked. You take off his clothes and he immediately starts laughing. It's funny. For now.

He is also quite the big boy who is now going UNSWADDLED. He's a champ. I think he's finally perhaps maybe learned that his hands keep him awake. He is also wearing 6 month clothes even though he's in the 50%. How does that work??

We've also started letting him ride in his stroller. Which he's a little small for, and I don't enjoy not seeing his face, but I think he likes it better.

And, our fancy pants camera has arrived. Be expecting some video in hd. Yah, we're that awesome. Be jealous.

And finally, a little story for you. So, at starbucks I order a dirty chai (chai with a shot of espresso... expresso if you're classy.) Anyway, the barista asked me the other day if I wanted it single dirty, or double? If I were intoxicated awesome I would have asked for it nasty. Like Janet Jackson.
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Perfectly Imperfect said...

BG loves to be naked too. We allow her Naked Baby Sunday. After church, no clothes. Only now it's cold. She's super bummed..

SpeasHill said...

6 month clothes = 3-6 months. Why companies don't label consistently, I will never know. But when it's a single number, it's intended for the 3 months (or 6 months later on) preceding it. Of course sizes vary by company so much anyway that it doesn't matter much anyway!

Also - he looks just like you in the picture with Ben. So beautiful!

A.B. said...

Nancy is it because you often see me naked in bathrooms?? Kidding. I think he looks like me some too :)

Naked baby sunday is hilarious. I should have thought of this prior to december, perhaps. Granted, it was 75 here yesterday.

Meg said...

5 also loves the nekkkidness! strange....he does not get that from me.
And I ALWAYS think your child looks like you.
Naked baby Sunday = Genius...and will probably be implemented in my house ASAP, along with Jammy Pants Sunday for the grownups! :)

VISION Photography | | This is my true vision said...

is that a new canon i smell?

A.B. said...

Yes, and it smells delicious.

Smackajawea said...

I worry that the nudity is Naked Nathan's fault. Are you absolutely SURE this is Ben's baby? Oh, wait...I have eyes. *Of course* that's BB's baby, but Naked is definitely in his future, not just his present.