Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Konmari Method novice

I am on a mission.  To get rid of everything.  This is always a hope of mine.  I had started and then my neighbor mentioned the Konmari Method--A book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.  Holy monster balls.  We have SO.  Much.  Stuff.  Stuff.  We need nothing.  We use 10% of what we have and I spend so much time thinking about cleaning up, cleaning up, thinking about what I would clean up if we did xyz.  I desire to spend more time playing and less time cleaning.  More time being and less time focused on what all I HAVE to do.

I mean, this is not going to help the laundry.  Kids wear clothes like everyday.  Y'all EVERYDAY.  They need clothes.  We are lucky to be able to afford clothes and snacks and all the shiz we don't need (not all of it... but enough.  DAMN AMERICAN DREAM.)

In no way am I full on Konmari, but I have hopes.  I have dreams.  To declutter.

Cheers.  Now to drink my shame away.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The farm

Ben's family owns a tree farm.  It's beautiful and serene and freaking far away.  I haven't been since G was born because he hated the car, I worked and had no time off, it's really far etc.  But, I am not working, he's older, we needed a get away and so we packed up the car and drove the 7 (terrible) hours there.  Kidding, there was probably one pleasant hour in there where we ate an amazing dinner.  On the way home it was probably 5.5 terrible hours with 1.5 pleasantries.  But the rest of the time was so amazing.

We saw a snake.  We fished.  We boated.  We hiked.  We collected pine cones.  We climbed trees.  We ate smores.  We saw a coyote.  We heard coyotes and almost shit our pants (kids not adults.)  Then some of us actually peed our pants.  Twice.  (Looking at you Meyer.)  We lounged.  We wore ALL the stripes.  We got to be unsupervised outside.  In general we played until we passed out and then did it again the next day.  It was pretty fantastic.  I also had some mid day bubblies on Saturday and it turns out that I am old and must lay down when this happens.  I mean, I was just pondering life's great mysteries.  They are secrets I'll take with me.

All in all if we could teleport there I'd be all in for more time.

Wardrobe malfunction.

I stopped at Target yesterday on my way to breakfast (it just took me 3x to spell that correctly...sheesh brain) yesterday morning.  I was meeting two friends.  One of them JUST had her baby a week ago.  She needed a little something, and Target has ALL the things.  Meyer has been talking about getting this disney car obsessively for a week or so.  We went to check them out.  Him sitting patiently in the back of the cart.  Oliver sitting not patiently and attempting to free himself from being bolted in every effing second in the baby seat.  His tiny sweet hands reach up so lovingly and pull on the strap of my shirt.  My shirt I"m wearing because I feel kinda cute and I GOT DRESSED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.  Them I'm like... this feels weird.  But you know, child diving out of cart and all.  Then I look down to see that he has freed not himself, but the strap of my shirt from my shirt.  strapless bra and mom boob on show.  Oh dear.  I quickly scanter to the clothing aisle and desperately search for a black t shirt and kindly ask (desperately plead) to please let me put it on now and pay later.  THank goodness other ladies have kids and know what I'm talking about.  You know, just like Janet Jackson.  That's Ms. Jackson to you.

Kindergarten 2015

You are here.  Kinder.  My biggest first baby is in school for the rest of forever.  People kept thinking that I would fall apart.  He was so excited though.  It was hard to be sad.  I worried.  Don't get me wrong.  I worried about little old 5 year old G in a big ol' public school.  I worry about bullies.  I worry someone will be mean.  I worry that he will lose his fancy and purple will no longer be his favorite color.  I despise phrases like "boys like..."  It is his first time in ALL DAY school.  He is rocking it.  the first morning when I woke him up he said, "how many more days do I have to wake up this early?"  THatta boy G.  Forever.

We miss him.  Meyer was immediately ready to go get "fiffin."  It's quiet in here.  You have gone to school for NINE WHOLE DAYS as of today.  You were a little clingy when I dropped you off this morning.  Your teacher assured me you would be fine.  You look so big with that back pack on.  At the end of the day I feel like I never get to see you.

Hold your head high my love.  Be brave.  Be yourself.  Be kind to everyone.  Shed some tears.  Stand up for what you believe.  Love people for their differences.  Eat your lunch.  Wash your hands.  Learn new things.  Miss your mommy.