Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Konmari Method novice

I am on a mission.  To get rid of everything.  This is always a hope of mine.  I had started and then my neighbor mentioned the Konmari Method--A book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.  Holy monster balls.  We have SO.  Much.  Stuff.  Stuff.  We need nothing.  We use 10% of what we have and I spend so much time thinking about cleaning up, cleaning up, thinking about what I would clean up if we did xyz.  I desire to spend more time playing and less time cleaning.  More time being and less time focused on what all I HAVE to do.

I mean, this is not going to help the laundry.  Kids wear clothes like everyday.  Y'all EVERYDAY.  They need clothes.  We are lucky to be able to afford clothes and snacks and all the shiz we don't need (not all of it... but enough.  DAMN AMERICAN DREAM.)

In no way am I full on Konmari, but I have hopes.  I have dreams.  To declutter.

Cheers.  Now to drink my shame away.