Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have many things I could list to be tacky about today--but I won't. I have censored.

This one annoys me--not enough to make me punch someone in the neck, but just enough to cause an eye roll.

Woman at work asks me, almost daily, "Is that new?" (I respond.) "Is it maternity?"

1. I do have some new items because as mentioned--I'M GROWING A PERSON and not all of my previous clothes fit. Also, much of my clothing is "new to me" but not new. How do I respond?
2. Who cares if it's maternity?
3. It's spring and a time for new beginnings (and new items.)

This shouldn't annoy me, but it does.

Whoa, just did it again. I censored another tacky comment. Making strides.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An all important question...

posed by Ben.

"How do people who don't follow the Christian liturgical calendar know when it's acceptable to wear white and searsucker?"

Amazing question that I do not have an answer for. He asked this after I got excited about getting my white pants hemmed. Nothing says spring like a pair of white pants.

And this, my friends, is why we have true love.

6 months??

So next WEEK I will be at 6 months. I'm not saying this to overshadow my last week in the 5 months. you know, like when you keep saying NEXT WEEK I'm going to be 30 instead of living it up in your 29's. (Or like when my mom says that she is 30 years older than me and I reminder her--no, not 30. It's 31. I find she greatly appreciates this.)

So ya'll. When am I going to look KU'd? (Knocked up, in Ben's terminology.) Obviously, I'm bigger--and have a tummy as I dropped soup on it yesterday. If you saw me on the street though and you were playing the game, "Is she preggo or did she eat too many eggo's?" You might guess wrong. Like when we were in Vegas and we played, "Is she working or is she just a girl in Vegas?" Or like when we played is it a girl or a boy--only that one is a little different because I was right and Ben was wrong.

I think part of the problem is that I don't really wear tight clothes. I never have. It's not my thing. I have a hard time putting on tighter clothes for my weekly pictures. So maybe to remedy this situation I could just start wearing spandex? Full body spandex? I mean, with a jacket so I'm classy and work appropriate.

According to my readings this next month is the month of super gaining weight. I'm doing my part--now body it's time to do yours.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I can hear you!

So my office sits facing out towards cubicles. I don't have a door, but I do have glass windows. Either way... I can hear the person across from me smacking on a hard candy. I should not be able to hear you sucking on something that is INSIDE of your mouth.

I have a thing for mouth noises. And by "a thing" I mean that they ANNOY THE CRAP OUT OF ME. I blame my mom for that one.

I also blame my baby for this situation that occurred during my lunch break to target. There I am walking down the aisles towards my destination of buying trash sacks (and maybe a dress) when I realize I'm starving. Starving. I stop and get some fiberone poptarts and RIP THEM OPEN IN THE AISLE and start eating. I looked ravenous and crazy. I'm mostly over it. It was a sad sad sight to behold though.

Now I'm longing to take a nap by the pool.


Sometimes I shock my husband by my actions-ok, maybe more than sometimes. It's part of my charm. (I like to use this phrase when I know I'm weird. Accept it. Move on.)

Our bestest couple friends had their baby this last week and it KILLED Ben to not be able to be there. SO, we got up on Saturday and headed to Dallas. We also got to go to a surprise bday party for one of my college roomies. Great to see the look on her face. Then we had some baby time. Then we went to bed. We got up at a decent time on Sunday AM. Well, I got up at a decent time and Ben woke up to my tapping him on the face and staring until he was awake enough to hang out with me. We went to the little coffee shop by his parents house for a drink and a pastry (YUM) before continuing our journey back to Austin.

This is when it happened (or at least the first time it happened that day.) We are sitting in said coffee shop. Sunday readers all around us. Eating our delightful pastries and the U2 song where they yell FIRE is on and I'm singing along (in my head) and it gets to that part and I sing it outloud--like loud loud. Ben's face turns red. He stares at me. I'm confused as to how this confuses him. I think I withold the random crazy from erupting pretty well so maybe he forgets.

I continued the trend the rest of the day. I like to think that I'm bringing joy to SOMEONE by my antics. Sunday Funday.

I also questioned Ben to what it feels like to wake up not hungover so often. I think it makes him sad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

22 weeks

My baby is the size of a spaghetti squash... and has teeth buds. Totally weird. So not only do I have a penis in my uterus, but also teeth. Anyone else find this odd??


This week at my conference I had a woman say that even when I'm simply breathing--I'm multi-tasking. There is no break. You are tired.

Agreed. Also slightly overwhelmed. I'm tired. I got even more so when I looked at my calendar this morning and realized that basically until May I'm out of town every weekend. Um, when do I get to nest? Like a week before our baby comes? I'm also out of town for about 2 weeks in May. I know that people travel for a living--I am not one of those people. It makes me tired. I hate to only be home enough to clean my house and do laundry. I would like to see the friends in the city I live in--that or it's time to transition cities.

We LOVE that many of our friends and family are ONLY 3 hours away! YAY! It used to be 13. However, 3 hours is quite a bit of driving in a small car with 2 dogs and constantly thinking about other things you need to do. I realize my life isn't so bad. I get it. But, it's MY life and that doesn't take away that it's real.

I was so excited about sleeping in my own bed last night with a FAN. Oh, God Bless the fan! I've been without one for a week. (I like the noise, the air, the everything about it.) I still didn't sleep through the night. The bed is too small. The snoring is too loud. I have to sit up to roll over--not because of the baby, but because there isn't room to roll over. I can only imagine that this will get worse.

Basically, I'm Debbie Downer today. I'm stressed. I'm tired. I need a nap.

5.5 months and I still haven't heard about my maternity leave. So... any of you guys want to keep our un-named baby for free? He'll be 8 weeks old so totally on schedule, sleeping through the night, potty trained etc. It should be easy. Maybe we can begin training Maggie to be a service dog?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

21 weeks... like a week late.

side note. My junk in the trunk looks massive. I think it's the way I'm standing. Super cute shirt is a new line at Target and it's maybe the softest thing EVER.
This past weekend we headed to Nashville for a friends wedding. Not only was it a friends wedding, but also a mini reunion for some of my grad school friends. Amazing friends. I think it's amazing that even silly conversations with them still have a lot of depth. It's so comfortable to be with them. Great weekend!!! Then on Sunday Ben headed home and I headed to new Orleans.

Statement #1 I would like to have a margarita to go like the people in front of me tonight at dinner. Instead I opted for a burger and a root beer float. Yum. I ate those while watching Biggest Loser.

Statement #2 It annoys the crap out of me that Oneil is still on Biggest Loser. I do not think he should be there if he does not participate in the majority of the challenges. I didn't imagine I would be so emotionally vested in this, but I also didn't think I'd eat nachos and/or ice cream every time I watched it.

Statement #3-8 I'm tired. Like really tired. I haven't really had this yet. I think the traveling did me in more than I thought it would. I'm at a conference which is lovely and full of insightful people. I also skipped a delish dinner tonight at one of my FAVORITE places because I needed some down/alone time. Maybe it's intensified because I have someone with me every MINUTE of every day. So basically--I haven't even eaten much amazing food. I'm ok with this. I'm livin' it up in my gigantic hotel bed.

Final observation (watching 16 and pregnant) a girl said, "There's like, not really anything you can do to prevent pregnancy." OH dear.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I've mentioned that we are beginning a health initiative at work (the same one that made someone discuss how she viewed diet coke as a benefit--just like dental insurance.) I've also mentioned that I work with an "older" crowd and they decided to do a walking club. So everyone who was interested got a pedometer. Awesome. It hink this is a great idea in which I'm choosing to not participate.

I'm walking through the kitchen, which I need to bypass all together, and this lovely man I work with said, "Now there is someone who didn't get a pedometer." I told him, I'm good, but thank you for thinking of me.

The other woman, who previously has told me that "I'm getting all fat" said, "She's gaining weight nicely. On purpose."

I say nothing as my cue that I do not like these comments. Ben is spot on when he says, "You think someone who says those things is going to take the social cue of you walking away?" Touche, BB, Touche.

Big question--What is wrong with my co-workers?

In other news--the weather here has been AMAZING for the last 2 days. Other co-worker is walking laps in the hallway...... instead of going outside.

Black baby also loves my renedition of some Tim McGraw. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So for my job I read a lot of church newspapers. One of them was discussing generational differences in our younger generations (X,Y, and Millenials.) I am a member of GenX. We remember MaxHedroom and the Cosby show's red pots and pans--that Dr. Huxtable often pretended to be cooking with, (and lots of other things before this as GenX started in 1961. Whatevs.)

Anyway, this article found some new data about our youngest 2 generations (Y and Millenials) talking about how they distrust the church and some extensive research has shown that 16-25 year olds aren't attending church. Wha What? They aren't? That's crazy that once kids learn to drive and go to college their church attendance falls off. I'm glad that millions have been poured into this very important research. I mean, I'm shocked and amazed.

Ok, maybe not. They could have paid me far less and not taken a long time researching and interviewing people and I could have told them this. I'm good that way.

But, GenX-ers--we are pessimistic and self centered. I mean, who are you to call ME self centered? So what if I write blogs about myself and my life for a virtual universe. Y'ers and Millenials think I want to know what they do at all points in time by telling me on FB. CALL--or better yet, send a text when you are sleeping in on Sunday mornings.

In other news--a new bit of information shared with me by a co-worker about having a baby.
"Do you have a carseat."
"uh, no." (I have 4 months left to acquire this expensive piece of equipment.)
"You know, you have to have one when you leave the hospital. They check."

Britney Spears totally could have used this advice.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

20 weeks

20 week photos of the Black baby!

this one is a creepy skeletor picture. I added it because it's sooo weird.

Can I give you 5 million dollars?

I called a school about childcare yesterday. I asked the amount, got overwhelmed, and hung up before I could ask other important questions. It has an amazing reputation, and is super accredited, and teaches ASL in the small people room. Huge bonuses. Setback? Expenses. I think it's going to be expensive anywhere. I started there because it's down the street from our house and easy for both my husband and I to get to.

What else have I done since Friday and the revealing of gender? We've put a hospital tour on the calendar and inquired about a child birth class--which apparently fill up. I've also scheduled a meet and greet for a pediatrician because apparently--I'm already behind.

Doc: So do you have a pediatrician picked out?
Ben and I: blank stare

I'm also waititng to hear about our parental leave. I'm thankful to work in a thoughtful place that is putting a lot of work into this situation.

But until then... if I could give you all of my worldly possessions, pay your loans, buy you a car, a bed, a college tuition--let me know. I'm made of $.

Monday, March 15, 2010

pregnancy brain or awesome brain?

So, I had to get my teeth cleaned this afternoon. It's a necessity that I HATE.

First of all... my computer clock did not update after DST. So, I was all excited to leave work in 15 minutes when it was really an HOUR and 15 minutes... which really wasn't that long at all.

Why? Because my appointment was at 3 pm and not 3:30 pm as was etched in my brain. 3pm even though I had a sticker on my calendar that I looked at 5x today and thought--ok, 3:30. Pregnancy brain.

Then, on the way home I stopped and got a cappucino heath blizzard--after getting my teeth cleaned. Then, awesome brain kicked in. I took a longer way home with more stop lights so I could have more time with my frozen treat.

Confessions of a shopaholic...

who obsessively shops online and in stores but rarely buys things unless they are an amazing deal.

(My husband may disagree with the "rarely" purchasing things, but this is my blog and my perception is my reality.)

So we went to the Dr's. appointment on Friday at 9 am! Then finally they called us back around 9:30 and did the ultra sound... then I had to hold my pee for fo-eva while we waited for my obgyn appointment. This is not pleasant. It makes Ben laugh how I look expectantly EVERY TIME someone opened the door to come out and they did not call my name. It's a sad predicament. Everything looks normal. Everything is average which I suppose is what you're hoping for at this point. The ultrasound was really cool. They even did a couple of 3d images (apparently covered by our insurance, who knew?) So, while creepy and bizarre--it's also awesome because we got to see HIS features! (Yes, it's a boy--a boy who did not acquire my modesty and was clear to show us all of his business.)

He TOTALLY looks like Ben, but with my nose. How weird that we can tell this at 5 months in utero?!? So, my predictions (though it wasn't super firm, I did have an idea) were correct. Ben was going girl, but I think he was just hoping girl for me. I won't lie that I had a minor breakdown later in the afternoon and was sad about him not being a girl. I'm just being honest. Judge judge judge away. I mean, I LOVE this baby who is super active and super flexible (he holds his feet above his head with his hands!), but I will miss girl bonding. I told Ben we could just keep having kids until one was a girl. This idea was not approved.

My parents came on Saturday and brought the crib (hells yes, for no shipping!) Moomsy and I went shopping for baby items and dad and B went fishing. BBQ at this awesome place with live music on Sat night and brunch on Sunday.

SO now that we KNOW this isn't a girl--we can't call him Lola anymore. Until we decide on a name, (which we have a couple in mind,) I'm referring to him as George Foreman. It makes me giggle everytime.

It's a BOY!!! (and yes, I need lipgloss. Try not to notice.)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So this morning I was late to work. I blame this on the approximately 3-4 hours of sleep I got last night. So glad I showered last night!

Anyway, so I was listening to the radio and hearing that this one station does 9 at 9 every morning and they pick a certain year. This year was 1993. It was some darn good music people. Granted, I only got to hear 3 songs, but I imagine the rest were on par.

First--SWV "Weak in the knees" (That's sisters with voices if you didn't know.) Then some Gin Blossoms and then some Tom Petty last dance with Mary Jane.

I like 1993. I also had friends who did a lip sync to SWV that year in the talent show. Impeccable performance. Or something like that....

And I'm awake...

and it's 3:30 and I've been up for hours. I went to bed early because I was just exhausted today. I slept for maybe two hours before Ben came to bed. I wake up, scoot over, then the snoring begins. I very very sweetly say Ben's name (to alert him of the situation.) He stops. Rolls over. Jacks me in the back with his elbows and is sleeping on top of me. This seems to be the situation as of late. Our bed is too small. This is not news. This is reality. I get up and go to the guest room--but alas, can't sleep.

This could be related to the fact that I got a chocolate milk shake on my way home from work. It made me very urpy and so I didn't eat dinner. So, I suppose I'm hungry. Then I start thinking of all of the things I need to do this weekend, food I need to buy... mmm what sounds good? I got up and decided I was going to make eggs--we don't have any. Fine, I'll eat the last bowl of cereal--it's been thrown out. Yah. So, now I'm up and starving.

Unfortunately/Fortunately we bought a crib yesterday! This means that for the rest of my life I never get to purchase anything for myself. Including a new couch. I'm trying to come up with ways to have a child and have that child never ever touch our couch. I would eat 3 cadbury eggs in order to get a new couch. This is a drastic statement y'all. I HATE them. They make me want to vomit. And, I don't vomit--ever.

The crib is amazing. It's exactly what I wanted. It will also turn into a full sized bed. So you know, in like 2-3 years, this child will have a bed the same size as his/her parents. Difference? the child will have an ass ton of room to sleep. Basically, I sleep in a crib.

We find out on FRIDAY MORNING what we're having!

Monday, March 8, 2010

OH dear.

We saw a baby with bright red hair the other day and Ben said, "they have no souls."

Keep in mind that he has red hair.

So our red headed black baby has been shunned by his/her father.

We find out on FRIDAY what we're having!

Friday, March 5, 2010

19 Weeks--ramblings and rumblings

This week our baby is the size of an heirloom tomato.

These are my favorites of the tomato variety.

I'm finally over the plauge, I think. Still stuffy, but I'm not wasting away in bed any more. My in laws were here this week. We went to Indian food and Fiddler on the Roof on Tuesday. I love our season tickets to the musicals--but NEVER AGAIN on a week night. We didn't get home until like 11:40. This is far too late for my decrepid state. Indian food made me super bloated, but I assumed it would be gone by morning. Apparently, not! I finally look preggo, ya'll. I mean, even to the unsuspecting eye when I wear my normal clothing, I think. PS. though it may appear that I only wear tanktops and pj pants--this is not true. So that's kind of exciting.
Other important news--I've showered 2 days in a row--watch out! I know, you think I'm gross--but let me explain! I am like a snake-only not creepy. I mean, they scare me in general but the way that they slither is what weirds me out--them, and birds with their scary eyes and beaks. Anyway, so basically my skin is molting because it's winter. SO, dry skin.. you get the idea. Anyway--picture time.

Note--these are not maternity clothes. Trying to buy mostly non-maternity stuff (if possible) so that I'm not buying pointless clothes. I say this so that when you see me wear these things post baby you don't think I'm still in maternity. (Yah, I'm that shallow.)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Stupid Comment Wednesday?

Apparently, we are also in need of stupid comment Wednesday. I would like to save this for Tuesday, but I'm sure I'll have so many more stupid comments that they'll pile up and I'll forget them. So it's best to not inact delay of gratification.

Just now I was walking to the ladies room (must walk through the kitchen) and there two colleagues were standing talking.
One said, "Look at her all changing clothes and getting fat."
Me: Keep walking silently
Her: "I mean fat in a good way."
Me: "Riiight."

Um, it is not as if I change clothes in the bathroom at lunch period, and then change back after school so my mom won't know. What kind of comment is that?

I also despise the term fat.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stupid Comment Tuesday

Maybe this will be a new "thing" for Tuesdays? This idea is stolen from Pet Peeve Mondays over at Bits and Wiz. I'm sure that a lot of these will be pregnancy related (as of now) and also general person stupidity.


Me: Peeling an orange.
Woman I work with (and mother of 2): I sure have never seen you snack as much as I have lately.
Me: Blankly staring.

Really? no? Say it isn't so. Could it be that I'm GROWING A PERSON?

PS. Women of the world--use your brains and your judgement. Do you want people to comment on your snacking? Ever? Probably not.

What? March?

When did it become March?

Easy answer--yesterday.

I meant more of a metaphysical--HOLY CRAPSTOWN, Y'all, how is it March already?

I just got my 19 week update from fitpregnancy. 19 weeks--that's basically half way through this experience. Who knew? They also told me that Lola is the size of an apple--but I've already had apple so I'll wait on my email from babycenter. I feel it's probably more reliable anyway.

Dear baby, please start moving more and maybe cause some cramping this week so they let me come in early to find out what gender you are.

I'm feeling much better today--well, this afternoon really and just recalled that in my dream last night my Dr. told me it was ok to have a frozen margarita because the cold was good for the baby. Wishful thinking, much? I guess I could just stick with smoothies. Lame.

Fascinating news update--did you know they make a "boppy" for adults? I didn't, but I bought one today. It's just a body pregnancy pillow-- not a pillow to hold me up while I'm eating. I'm excited, and a nerd.

Monday, March 1, 2010

fyi, I'm not dead yet.

I made it through the weekend--barely. Yesterday was my first real day out of bed since Friday. I even ate ice cream which is a clear sign that I'm feeling better. Or it's a clear sign of how bad I felt that I wasn't eating it--one of those.

So either way--I'm at work. Sitting upright. Longing to go home and lay down and re-infect my clean sheets and duvet.