Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The farm

Ben's family owns a tree farm.  It's beautiful and serene and freaking far away.  I haven't been since G was born because he hated the car, I worked and had no time off, it's really far etc.  But, I am not working, he's older, we needed a get away and so we packed up the car and drove the 7 (terrible) hours there.  Kidding, there was probably one pleasant hour in there where we ate an amazing dinner.  On the way home it was probably 5.5 terrible hours with 1.5 pleasantries.  But the rest of the time was so amazing.

We saw a snake.  We fished.  We boated.  We hiked.  We collected pine cones.  We climbed trees.  We ate smores.  We saw a coyote.  We heard coyotes and almost shit our pants (kids not adults.)  Then some of us actually peed our pants.  Twice.  (Looking at you Meyer.)  We lounged.  We wore ALL the stripes.  We got to be unsupervised outside.  In general we played until we passed out and then did it again the next day.  It was pretty fantastic.  I also had some mid day bubblies on Saturday and it turns out that I am old and must lay down when this happens.  I mean, I was just pondering life's great mysteries.  They are secrets I'll take with me.

All in all if we could teleport there I'd be all in for more time.

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CDS said...

OMG I've been blog MIA... but just redesgined and will be reading more often and posting. XOXO