Monday, November 29, 2010

This thing on?

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3.

I haven't blogged in a while. Probably because we have a baby, I had about 2.5 million meetings in 3 days, and we hosted Thanksgiving for my parents, sister and Ell, Ben's parents and his cousin, Will. This means we are grownups. We have a baby, hosted Thanksgiving and are definitely sending out holiday cards this year.

I also went through the Christmas gear I bought on clearance last year at Targetsville. I forgot that I bought G some pj's. Ok, here's the deal. This is the FIRST thing I bought baby. The pj's were on sale for like $1--red Christmas ones with white polka dots. Ok, so they were folded. I unfolded them to wash them and they are TOTALLY girls. Ruffled shoulders, bows on the sleeves. He wore them anyway. Here's a photo. It's either blurry because I was working on a screwdriver or because I had the setting wrong--maybe both.

Mmmm screwdriver. We were out of champagne and B went to the store before noon, and here in the belt, you can't buy the alchy's before noon.

Elliott is maybe the most adorable kid ever (other than mine.) He's in the funny Pete Re-Pete stage. That kid is also a food thief walking around saying "ee ee--bi-bi" (eat eat, bite bite). I would say, "bite, please." Elliott's response, "bi-peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". G and E also had some crazy adorable outfits thanks to Glammy. Yes, we are full on smocked in these parts. G is exhausted so lacked smiles.

We also took some holiday photogs today. This is a long one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

One year ago

One year ago tomorrow we announced to the family that we were going to have a baby. I can't believe it has gone so quickly. I could not be more thankful for my sweetest little boy. How much life has changed since then. Tomorrow we are hosting our first Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I get to have some wine. Now that's ONE difference I'm also thankful for :)

4 month pictures will be up soon. Can you believe he's 4 months old? When did that happen?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Time flies

So single momhood for my entire 6 days is over. I dreaded it. I hated that the minute my parents left and I dropped Ben off at the airport little G came down with a cold (which I just read an article in fit pregnancy that now I'm paranoid his cough that comes maybe 3x a day will turn into whooping cough or hypochondria. I'll let you know which one it is asaps.

Honestly, it wasn't so bad. I mean, don't get me wrong. I miss the hubs, but we made it. I went to bed earlier (dreamy) and, I heard from my obgyn that I don't have hpv? They made me take this test. Apparently it's required now? I was also supposed to be surprised when she announced the results over the phone. I just laughed and said, "ok." Better luck next year?

Sadly the Ben gets home late tonight and is running an adventure race tomorrow AM that we thought would be about 30 mins away, but is an hour. SO, the Gman and I won't be making the trek. sad about it. It's called the Warrior Dash and you get a beer stein at the end and I was going to make him a onesie with horns on it. It was going to be awesome and medieval. Onesies are sooooo warrior chic. Instead we'll spend our morning playing, going to buy this toy, and taking naps. Oh and I have an eye appointment.

Is 1 or 2 better? Now 3 or 4? I wish they had cocktails at such events.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

watcha watcha watchawatcha want?

duvet in the blue color

These bracelets mixed with this one

These are just a couple of things. Mixed with delightful clothes from jcrew, work out clothes, and other pretty things.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Mason Dixon.

So, until college, when I met people who lived above "the line" I didn't realize that other people didn't eat fried okra--didn't know what it was--or that on Sundays some stores opened BEFORE noon. Here in the belt--things open after church.

My parents were here this weekend and we went to brunch on Sunday and on the menu there was a "morning margarita." I hypothesised about what that could be. My best answer was that it was a normal margarita but made with orange juice instead of lime. I asked--negative. A morning margarita is simply a margarita before noon. Hilarious.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Life Partner

I have a good friend who is an actress. We grew up going to camp together, working at camp together, and call one another "life partner." She is big timing it in LA.

Then we saw this KFC Commercial. Griffin had to meet his other dad. Check it out.

Not entirely sure why he's nakers? I also hear that she's on some chase bank posters inside the bank. Yah, I'm kind of a big deal by proxy.

Oh my goodness I'm funny.

So the other night I was laying in bed and a blog post came to me. I write them in my head at night time sometimes. It was SO funny. I was so impressed by my cleverness.

Problem--no idea what that was about. I tried all last night, my first night as a single mom, (Ben is out of town), to think of what it was. I even added a little muse of What Not to Wear and some red wine to jog the memory, but alas.

Just know it was really humorous.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So we have quite a bit of drool over here at our house.

I went to the doc on Monday. I was talking to G while he was sitting in his car seat. He was smiling, an older lady was watching us and then... I drooled.
While someone was watching! (not that it's better if no one is watching--but kind of.)

Then I was like, whatevs at least I showered today.

I have had 2 friends have babies in the last week, more people announce pregnancy, my sister is pregnant, my bff from growing up is due in December--needless to say--there are a ton of babies going on around here. Hellooooooooo recession.

But, I went back and read my posts right before I had G and right after. I looked at his sweet little newborn pictures and then at the big boy he is now. He is a super smiler, he giggles, he talks, he can stand up. I cannot believe how much he has changed since he was born. How his features have changed. How much more he sleeps at night. How TINY he was. Then I think about exhaustion, and then I think about how much I love him--and I totally get why people have more kids.

For now, though, I'm enjoying mine.

Monday, November 8, 2010

busy legs

It cracks me up when he moves his legs like this.

It's like oil and vinegar.

Apparently that's NOT the saying. My bad. I think it's pretty logical because oil and vinegar don't mix either. Whatevs.

Funny, so I have a friend whose husband says they are going to "wash" the baby instead of bathe. She tries to tell him that you wash cars and dogs, but you bathe babies. (I will say I also bathe my Gizmo.)

Anywho, I finally had to tell Ben that we don't "put Griffin down." He will ask, "did you get him put down?" This IS something people do to animals. Euthanasia.

Which is also not "youth in asia"... like I thought it was for a long time.

I'm surprisingly intelligent sometimes.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I laugh.

So at Fin's daycare there are 2 little girls (both 2) who will pretend cry and say, "I crying." Cracks me up.

This, however--is the best sound I've ever heard.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is it one word or two?

After picking G up from Ms. Frances's yesterday and avoiding eye contact with dad who has to know I'm crazy because tere are only 5 other kids there and was headed home only to see a group of cops ahead right past my street. One of them is waving me ahead.

Immediate thought--OMG there must be an escaped convict who is jumping from backyard to backyard and they are worried about us.

Reality--it is a speed trap and he was waving me a head to pull me over. I got off with a warning, mostly because I think he had some sympathy for my starving and exhausted BABY in the backseat. There were 4 other cops just waving people over which I think is a jerky thing to do. Which made me wonder...

Is dickwad one word or two?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Embarrassing update.

So Remember how I took my baby to the wrong house for daycare? And a dad answered the door?

Yah... his kid totally goes to Ms Frances, too. I see him most mornings.

I'm not going to acknowledge that it was me and hope he's forgotten?


I'm a fist bumper.

Proud dad. We kinda forced him to dress up even though it was bed time. Griffin, not Ben.

I love to stick out my tongue. It says, "I'm awesome."

A moby wrap nap after mom had some starbucks. It was a good walk.

Dear CPS, (how inappropriate can I be?)

Halloween is probably a cps nightmare. Exhibit A: I saw a 10-12 year old child (with his supposed dad?) dressed as a pimp. Complete with cane. I had my phone out ready to take a picture, but the baby started crying and then I had to go in and check on him and we missed the photo op. I also had some teenage girls with their little sisters who were.... scantily clad. Oh dear. I mean, you can't start dressing trashy for halloween until college.

Question--Why do pimps have canes? Do you first have a limp and then consider the profession? Or, once you become a pimp does one of your legs shrink? OR does someone else mess you up post pimping? OMG were there more pimps back when polio was alive and kickin'? wow... did I just say that?

Do pimps in Texas wear super heavy coats year around? I mean, it gets hot here, yo.
boys gone wild?