Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Race day

I read this blog.  She used to crack me up with her debauchery.  Then she had a life change.  Now she still makes me laugh.  This post, however… brought me to tears.  AND made me want a race day.  Bad.

There is nothing like the feeling of race day.  Pinning your number on your bib the night before.  Setting everything out.  Attempting to go to bed early.  There is nothing I’ve experienced like the feeling of raising $ for a cause, training for a race, and then crossing the finish line.  I mean, other than having a baby.  I guess they both give your body a sense of satisfaction.  But crossing the finish line?  Having that line in sight and KNOWING that you did it.  You made it. 

I love the spectators.  I love to BE a spectator.  I’ve spent a couple of Saturdays on races I’m not running taking G$ and Ben out and then running my friends up hills.  In June I ran the san diego half and then went back and ran my team mates around the island.  Because well… it’s kind of hell at mile 20.  And really?  What else was I going to do?  Every time G sees a person running he busts out in “GO RUNNERS.”  (and often mama, go faster.)  This makes me want to lace up my shoes and hit the road.  It makes me want to get a good friend and get ready to gab for 20 miles. (reapplying body glide as needed.)  I’m not the fastest.  Or the most committed.  But I’ve got the fever after her post.  I’m inspired by the people who did an impromptu race. 

So I need something on the calendar… after the life event of birthing BB2 clearly.  I’ve been talking about Seattle for years, but that may be too soon with a 4 month old and leaky boobs.  I’ve done Nike quite a bit so I’m thinking another destination (not in San Antonio.  Never.  Ever.  Again.)  Maybe in October?

Oh… and maybe I should start running more regularly.  Either way, at this MINUTE I’m feeling inspired.


Elizabeth said...

Wow. Thanks for the link. What a powerful post. Come to Seattle and run! I volunteer to hold your baby. :)

Meg said...

Phoenix is a GREAT race! Fun and fairly easy.....it's a January race....so maybe 2013???

A.B. said...

I like easy!

Shaina said...

I say Seattle in 2014...I don't run (another allergy). BUT I can cheer people on like nobodies business. I know you like ti-dye so look for the crazy lady dressed in it from head to toe!