Friday, February 27, 2009

a trade off

SO, yesterday I went to have my teeth cleaned (in which I admit, has been longer than it should have been,) but here is my thought. I will gladly trade teeth cleanings for a double dose of "yearly exam." Yep, I'm saying it... scrape my cervix, but not my gums. Ouch. The lady I saw was great, and it isn't her fault. It just is painful. And no, I don't floss the way I'm supposed to... who does that? When you go below the surface that's painful. I'm for the superficial flossing that I've come to know and love. Maybe I'll make some changes? It appears that my teeth are healthy other than that--added to resume--good oral hygiene.

Other dr. fronts... I went to the dermatologist on Monday--(well, I saw the PA) and she gave me (I say gave me, but I purchased) new face wash and lotion and she gave me some sample prescriptions to try out (before I have the whole thing filled.) Well, it turns out that I'm allergic to one of them (can't say which) because in what I initially thought was dry skin turned into a full blown rash--on my face... Great for the itchy mess that was red and bumpy. Awesome. I call in and they tell me to go buy a dove beauty bar (just plain, no added oils/moisturizers etc) and wash with that for a few days. Um, are you telling me that for $2.99 I can get face wash that's just as good as what I've been using for years? What I had hoped happened was that they would tell me a LINE of products to use--face wash, exfoliant, lotion, cream, etc, but alas. no. I go back in a month. Lets hope that it's a more beneficial experience with a lot less itchiness.

As it is the last weekend in February do you know what this means? I get to stay at my OWN house next weekend! I don't have to pack up my life (and my animals) and drive anywhere. YAY for March. Well, until the following weekend when it's Ben's gma's 90th bday and we again head to Dallas, oh, and the week after that when I go to NOLA for a conference. OMG... does this ever end?

I'm looking forward to March and re-joining the workout world. I kind of gave up on February as I had something like everyday (and part of those days included lack of motivation.) March it is--I'll start on Monday with track practice and go from there. Maybe I should weigh myself for some extra motivation? In our 40 days of frugalness I cannot afford to purchase new bigger clothes. Fingers crossed all the stars align and frugality will lead to weight loss.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The ash in my eyes caused my judgment

So, as I was sitting in ash wednesday service, contemplating on how I should repent and not be so judgmental something crossed my mind...

At what age is "old lady" singing voice acceptable/At what point does it hit? Or is it not related to age at all, but to your choice in ugly shoes and elastic pants?

other thing... why are many clergy women choosing to wear sensible shoes and zero makeup? I'm not saying to wear stilettos ladies, but perhaps not the same loafers my FIL wears (without socks, ps.) And, you can put on one coat of mascara and dust your face with a little bit of powder--again, I don't want you to go all smokey eyes or anything, but do embrace your femininity, get some layers (not this all one length, butt cut thing), and wear a cute flat.

Hmm did I judge anything else? Probably, but I did contemplate myself, my heart, and my changes over the next 40 days of living in denial. I also went to the lunchtime service so that I could participate in wine tasting this evening. I know... there are so many things wrong with this post I hope you pray for me.

(also note I have MANY women clergy friends who are the epitome of fashion and grace.)

And, I write this in full knowledge that I have a sickness in that I rarely leave the house without multiple coats of mascara--because I honestly think it makes me more glamorous. I have a slight problem

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Left behind?

It occurred to me on my way to purchase soup (before my 40 days of frugalness) that last night I may or may not have eaten a tortilla that had mold on it. SO, in the unfortunate event that I am quickly taken from this life and indeed NOT left behind (please contact kirk cameron if this happens)... here are some basic wishes.

1. I love a group dance scene. I would like for everyone to please coordinate this--possibly to Thriller (tryouts for female part beginning now), Britney, or Avril. I haven't yet decided.
2. There will be no open casket. This is creepy town. There may, however, be a lovely photo-shopped picture of me that contains one chin, bigger eyes, and amazing makeup--and no roots.
3. Open bar.
4. All airlines will deeply discount tickets for my friends. The only way others know how important you are is if there are a lot of people at your funeral.
5. It will be mentioned that while I was also a body double for Jennifer Anniston I was able to bring purified water to Africa and cure AIDS. I also visited and donated to many 3rd world countries.
6. My eloquent friends may speak on my behalf about my greatness--before they get sloppy. Please write these stories down and share them (feel free to leave out select memories.)
7. Everyone may sit around crying and laughing at my amazingness and trying to be more like me.
8. Your children may be named after me--and you can, in fact, change your current children's names to reflect mine.
10. I will be given honorary degrees from multiple institutions and probably mentioned in the next Presidential address.
11. Clinton Kelly will be my best friend.

I may add things... but this is a good start.

Monday, February 23, 2009

thigh highs--luxury or laziness?

I believe it's the latter. SO I've become a fan of them... well, if I have to wear panty hose at all then I am a fan. Here is why I've decided--notice--this post is for the ladies (and the men who wear hose, also) and if you are a guy/girl and want to keep your fantasy land that thigh highs are for you, then stop reading and go off into your dream world where we also have pillow fights in our underwears.

Anywho... back to real life--so it's just easier. I don't have to wear panty hose that inevitably go up to my bazooms, roll down when I sit (because of my additional rolls,) and leave the seam line down my front--so not attractive and painful. ALSO, I don't have to take them on and off EVERY time I want to use the facilities. This is a huge bonus. SO, pure laziness it is. I'm going to admit it, take it, love on it, and continue to wear them... again, when I HAVE to wear them. It's not like a daily exercise or anything. Don't be mislead.

Friday, February 20, 2009

It's time! **UPDATE**

Today, at 2:30PM... we purchased our tickets to Bologna, Italy! We're headed there May 22-31, well, I'm going then and Ben is also... but he is going to PROBS stay longer for work. Jerk. Turns out tmf has no need for business in Italy? Odd. I think so. Perhaps I can try to come up with something.

My amount of excitement is verging on ridiculous. I mean, we've been talking about it, prepared for it, and now we've made it happen (minus somewhere to stay--but that comes next.) I have about 3 places on my radar and one place that I'd really like to stay but apparently they are booked. I keep hoping this will fall through for them and we will magically swoop it up.

Really, I have no words to describe... my desire to sit in a piazza, drink wine, and look at people.

AND NOW... we have a place to stay! We put a deposit down today on a lovely little flat about 3 blocks from Piazza Maggiore! Thank you Paulo, for having a place for us to stay :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a modern day tragedy--Ny times

"The chimp, who was known to walk around town, sometimes without a leash, also liked to surf on the Internet and was able to change the TV channel with a remote, according to a Stamford Advocate article. The paper also reported that Travis watered plants, was able to feed hay to his owner's horses, ate at a table with the rest of the family and sometimes drank wine from a stemmed glass. "

So the chimp attack is sad, but...
a. Why would you have a chimp?
b. who thinks that a leash is enough to hold him?
c. what separates me from this chimp? I also surf the Internet and drink wine from stemmed glasses. I mean, good thing for Travis (which who names a chimp Travis instead of bananas or something) that they did not make the switch to stemless glasses. How else would he get his wine buzz on?
D. why the hell is the chimp drinking wine?
e. I do not water plants. Travis had one up on me.
f. I do not attack my friends and eat their faces--I have one up on you Travis. I win again.

I'm sure this comes across has heartless (which I am not--it makes me sad to think that Travis was forced to live in our society). I'm not heartless, just judgemental.

Ps. NYTimes... how is this a modern day tragedy? it's not like everyone in the modern day has zoo animals that throw poo living with them, drinking wine, and sleeping in their beds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lent... not the kind in Ben's belly button.

First of all, I cannot believe that it is Ash Wednesday in ONE WEEK. In preparation for Easter I try to engage in a lenten activity--be that giving something up or taking on a practice. This year, as I realize I'm an actual grown up only 8 months away from turning 30... I've come up with a plan that is a good practice for me to uphold all year around, but also a good trial run. I have not sorted out all of the details and I am open to suggestions. Granted, I'm sure I'll get some flack about how this is self centered--but I disagree--I think it will create a more simplistic and intentional way of living that allows for me to be more conscious of my day to day habits and routines and how to alter these to glorify creation. Anywho... I've given up soft drinks (soda's for you N. Easterners out there), chocolate, candy and worst of all... CHEESE. This was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I mean, running a marathon was hard, but giving up cheese... right up there.

A downfall of mine is eating out--I know, I often express my love and desire for not just eating, but the whole dining experience--well, it's expensive. Yes, I've realized this before now. However, I've also used my trusty google document templates to come up with a budget spreadsheet (LOVE IT). We spend TOO much going out to eat and too much mindlessly (a froyo here a tall soy chai there). Beginning of the plan... we will go out to eat/go out once a week. I think we can stick to the going out to eat thing (this includes lunches--though I will grant Ben one lunch out a week because his whole work group goes). If we go out on a weekend with friends I will limit us to 2 drinks out a piece. I believe... I will add... though it hurts me, a cap on other "for fun expenses" as well--aka, no new shirts even though they are on sale (better go get my toes done on Tuesday next week.) With all of this money we are saving? We will save some of it! (novel idea) and donate some to a charity/church.

(I don't actually mean that I will "grant" been access to eating out. It's up to him if he chooses to participate. It just sounded good at the time.)

My hope is that this will make me think before I go to starbucks--even just once a week, froyo (maybe 2x a week), and ben eating lunch out a lot. It should also help in our mindful meal preparation--and being conscious of what we put in our mouths. This is better for us as a couple, better for the environment and waste, and for our intentional time together. It's ok to get specific. We need to truly look at what we can save and what we can give away. I truly believe that this will make me a more faithful being, if only in my finances and in my consideration of the sustenance of the earth. So here's to a 40 day renewal. Wish me luck, patience, and a blind eye to all things designer. Oh... and here's to forgiveness--essential to Easter (and this sinful being.)

(What happens when I have a happy hour for my running group, though? how do I work in work stuff? Oh the choices.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I like to move it move it...

Um, apparently I don't. I would much prefer to not do anything, but alas... when I do nothing, and continue eating girl scout cookies, I gain lbs--evident when I put on my clothes everyday. I SERIOUSLY need a race to sign up for and start training for. I feel like I'm in a rut workout wise. I also feel that everyone is entitled to spring break that does not take away vacation time. I would like a week of rest in which I'm not ALLOWED to leave Austin. I have to stay here and honestly rest (aka do what ever I want and nap 2x a day if I so choose.) If this were the case then I wouldn't have to hope for the flu. (aka read previous posts.)

We are LITERALLY gone every weekend in February and at least one in March and ben wants to be gone ANOTHER in march to go camping. I mean, I want to go camping, but I'd also LOVE to stay at my house for an extended period of time. I've also decided that I want someone to clean our house once a month. Once we have our budget all figured out I'm thinking that we can make it work. Oh yes... I created a budget with Google Documents and it's amazing. I don't think all of the blanks are filled in--waiting on the hubs to finish it up, but if we use it... it should work.

Anyway... this is my life. happy tuesday.

Friday, February 13, 2009

1998--navy cords, red sweater, letter jacket

Yes, my friends 11 years ago tomorrow I had my first date with THE Ben Black. I met him at a movie theater for a movie I didn't admit to already seeing--but still scared the pants off of me the 2nd time (Not literally!) What to wear what to wear? I know. Navy trouser cords with a red sweater that had some navy in it. hawt. Also relatively sure I was decked out in some brown steve maddens. Oh the fashion. My gift to my first date? A heart shaped sucker that comes in the long hanging pack of like 20 you get at the grocery store. He got one. He got me... a movie ticket. After the movie we headed to starbucks where I'm sure we talked about silly things and were on our best behavior. I don't think we criticized everyone around us or eavesdropped on others conversations the way we do now (and by we, I mean me--ben is nice.)

Unfortunately, Ben's family ate dinner together at like 5 pm and my family... well, a. rarely had time to sit down to a meal for running all over the place, b. rarely sat at a table, and c. ate around 8-9pm. SO, in our first dating adventures (for approximately 6-8 months) it was a good thing that Benners had a super early curfew--this allowed me to swing by Wendy's for a junior bacon cheeseburger after each date.

Luckily for me he quit being scared to eat around me at some point and I quit eating Wendy's 2x a weekend. We are on to bigger and better things 11 years later--or at least I'm bigger than I was then and surely better at eavesdropping. So tomorrow we'll head to Dallas for a friends wedding who is getting married in Perkins Chapel (on SMU's campus). Maybe we will re-live our 2nd valentine's day when Ben was late to pick me up in his 1983 green volvo with a crank sun roof because he had a flat and I had purchased him the soundtrack to RENT. Or, maybe, we won't do that, but we'll get a chance to think about 11 years together--all of our past and all of our future... how we started wanting to spend so much time together and even now, I feel like I can't get enough hours together--and maybe we'll have a few glasses of wine. I mean, after all it is a celebration :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


SO, I'm in the market for a very attractive bag for my laptop. I have a conference to go to in march and the bag I currently have for my computer hurts my back really badly. This is not acceptable. So, where do I go? What do I look for? I think I want a messenger bag because it can look professional and not kill me. Thoughts? I ideas? Suggestions? I also need to read a book for said conference and have currently read about 15 pages... any thoughts on that? Motivation?

Back to the computer bag... I do not want to spend 80 kagillion dollars--even if the economic stimulus package gets accepted. we all know that a large portion will be coming to Austin for a new Frisbee (ps. who knew that Frisbee was a proper noun?) golf course. EXACTLY what the country needs. I mean, couldn't we just as easily benefit from some sort of workout incentive and not having the Y cost $55 a month for this one lowly individual who's looking to lose a few lbs and join some classes? Or--they could fund my hair adventures for the next few years... overhaul my wardrobe, pay off my student loans (in no particular order here.)

I also need a new race to train for. I'm thinking of either doing Nike or San Antonio again (probably only half this time). I just don't want to wait until May to start training because I'll become mushy and out of shape by then (remember my needing to drop 30 lbs for my Italia trip--the land of cheese, wine, pasta, and all things carbolicious?) In conjunction I'm considering picking up some Italian language cd's. What are your thoughts on this? Can I borrow yours? Will it be through osmosis? Will I also learn how to ice skate?

Ok, back to life. Back to reality.... send me your comments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Go Green

So, in my attempts to save the environment and then planet, while also stimulating our economy I have been purchasing "better" cleaning products, light bulbs, local groceries etc. Local groceries I love. I will basically try any cheese that says it's local, our wines are ok, meats--obvi delish, fruits and veggies and our local BASIL, amazing.

What is not amazing is Method Glass Cleaner. I've tried and tried and keep using--even to my embarrassment when people are coming over and can see my streaky glass table and the mirrors in the bathroom have things clinging to them. Luckily, I have a wonderful hubs who just laughs. Yesterday, though, I broke the cycle. I went ahead and bought some target brand windex aka "glass cleaner". I look forward to using this delightful blue substance... to have a really clean table that squeaks when cleaned, that doesn't leave streaks on my mirrors or little fuzzies. I'm sure that I will be take into custody later today. Maybe it cancels out with all of the bpa free things I've been buying? Again, these are mostly for others with babies on the way. Do I know ANYONE without a baby on the way or who has not just given birth? I'm thinking no.

So, I'm back in the mood for a little "flu time". Seriously, I don't like driving. I don't mind the brief period of time it takes me to get to work, but the 3 hours from Austin to Dallas. Hate. The bazillion hours from Austin to E. Texas... hate more. EVERY weekend in February we are out of town. Traveling. I'm not saying I don't like what we do or who we see when we get there, it's just the getting there... and getting home that I despise. Give me a good ol' 30 min plane trip to Dallas any day (yes, I realize that it takes about 3 hours once you factor in wait time, and luggage time.) It's still easier on my psyche.

I'm tired and need a vacation from all of this travel. We have been in Austin for over a year and a half and I can HONESTLY probably count on 2 hands the number of weekends that we have gotten to spend at home. People at work ask me where we worship, um... we volunteer at University, but we aren't ever here on weekends so we don't have time to worship. awful. I need to get back into training for something so I'm forced to go to bed early and to be in town on the weekend. Which brings me to the flu. I think I can endure it. I have done it before. I prefer it to strep throat, if I'm getting to choose my highly contagious viruses. What's a little weight loss, a lot of sleeping, a lot of covers and not having to do laundry? Sounds like heaven to me. I'm going to start hanging around pharmacies stat.

If you've got a good flu symptom, give me a call... maybe we can meet up and shake hands or kiss like the Europeans.

Keep me in the loop.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Extra Extra

So, as I mentioned...
Elliot Hopkins Mullaney made his appearance yesterday at 5:26 PM and weighed 7.84 lbs and is perfection. He is absolutely adorable and my sister is a miracle woman apparently created to give birth. She was strong and amazing and then gracious as a lot of people bombarded the room to hold her 30 min old baby. As with many major life events of others... it made me think of myself. I'm awful. Seriously though... I'm going to have to step up my game when its' my turn. Seriously, I was in there the whole time and it was amazing and fascinating. AND, who knew that they had a continual epidural? Not me.

SO I left work after being here one hour yesterday and then drove to Grapevine...stayed until about 8:30 and then drove back to Austin. It was a lot of driving, but I wouldn't have missed this for the world!! It's not everyday that your only sister gives birth to a perfect little boy!

Monday, February 2, 2009

What? There's a game on? *update*

Though I cheered all through middle school and high school--this does not mean that I have a deep love and devotion to football--especially PRO football. So, I sat with Ben (as we didn't make it to any of our parties... sorry friends. Instead the tv is on (a littlea fter it started because we weren't aware of the early start? Is taht normal?) Anywho... so the tv stays on I blindly stare at the tv. One watching me watching tv might think I'm involved or conscious of what is going on, but I'm not. I can't tell you what happened unless it involved someone who has a funny last name or they said something dumb... or, when, the longest run in superbowl history happened and they replayed it no less than 25 times in a row. Holy crap. it was my personal hell at that point. We saw it. it doesnt' matter--make your ruling and lets get on with the commercials.
So that's that.

My sister had her baby today and he is perfect!!! I made a whirlwind trip up there and back and now I'm exhausted.... so I'll write more tomorrow! I'm off to bed!