About Me

I am just like you.  I grew up in a small town.  Lived down a dirt road.  My neighbors were my aunt, uncle and cousins, and my grandparents.  I have one sister, mom and dad (and a lot of past dogs.  One of which came back from the dead to sign a birthday card.  Well... that, or my mom wrote the wrong dog's name on it.  I also call one Molly-balls as she had some growths at the time of her departure.)  I was a cheerleader, a nerd, and the homecoming queen who went through a really awkward phase that involved a perm and a lot of ice cream.

I married my boyfriend who I met in high school on a love, sex and dating church retreat.  Went to college and lived the sorority life all while getting degrees in psychology, religious studies and sociology (All while having a few drinks, learning to pose, and how to live in a house with 30 other girls.)  I graduated in 2002 (southern methodist university) and moved back to my parents home where I painted my bedroom school bus yellow, decided to go to grad school, and moved to Atlanta all in about 2 months.  I got a masters of divinity in the GA (emory university).  I learned what it meant to love my friends, love my family, live on my own, hate the pollen, love the trees, kayak down a river while drinking 10 beers, and generally be southern.

My high school husband* and I have one child and 2 dogs (one dumb is dumb and one is an ass with a british accent.)  I hate wire hangers and paying student loans.  I love designer jeans, making lists, and plan on raising a baby who is free of isms.  but that probs won't happen because you know... life is life and I can occasionally be tacky.

*My husband is not in high school.  This is just recalling that I met him in high school.