Monday, June 21, 2010

Dear Heidi,

So you probs thought I was going to talk about SPEIDI, but if I were... I would have said that. Keep up.

No, I'm talking about Heidi Klum and her dannon light and fit commercials. You know, the one where it appears she is sitting in an airport? eating yogurt and slurping it up and using her fingers? It annoys the crap out of me. Real bad. I have to change the channel bad. 1. As noted, I hate mouth noises--espesh when eating. 2. Where is your spoon or spork? 3. Is something that is 80 calories really that good? Doubtful. 4. DO NOT LICK YOUR FINGERS.

Another commercial that's being played over and over here is a mattress firm commercial. This lady has 2 people come out to her house to observe her mattress? Not sure about that one. Whatevs, 2 guys are looking at it and spouting off facts about after you have a mattress for 8 years it doubles in weight due to SKIN and dust mites. For some reason, she is concerned about the dust mites and not the fact that she basically has a human body living in her mattress.

Ya'll. My mattress is like... 8 years old. It's just ONE MORE REASON that we need a new one! (Ps. that hideous advertising clearly worked on me.)

Accomplishment of the day? NOT buying a bag of pink and white iced animal cookies with the sprinkles. Yep, just went for the regular variety. Self control. That's what I'm talking about, Heidi. Self. Con. Trol.


Chasity @ The Intertwined Life said...

I agree with you! Hate the commercial and HATE food noises ... well, really alot of noises (I'm easily annoyed).

Meg said...

Self Control is Over Rated!

CDS said...

Well let me tell you that I have not seen either comercials...however they annoyed me jsut reading about them. I feel for you! :) oxoxo