Friday, April 30, 2010

27 weeks!

Baby G is now the size of a head of cauliflower--and about 2 lbs. Fancy. We also got his room painted! We took the tape off tonight though... and there are MANY touchups to be done. Turns out--blue tape is not the best thing ever. I mean, it partly did it's job? Neither of these pics are particularly attractive, but here they are nonetheless.

And... who the hell are you?

So, as I am now famous in the blog world (with an AMAZING 79 followers!) I must know... who are you?

(No, mom... you don't need to answer. You know, like when you leave me voicemail that says, "This is your mom." It's the voice that is only more familiar to me than my own. I know who you are.)

Anywho... who are the rest of you? How did you find me here in my extremely modest part of the interwebs where I share my most shocking (and ridiculous, and sometimes ignorant) thoughts.

Who am I?

Well, feel free to ask anything and I will feel free to answer or not answer at my liking.

The basics--
I'm 30.
I've been married for 5.5 years to a person I've been with for 12. And I'm madly in love with him and call him my best friend.
I graduated from high school, college, and graduate school and constantly think about what I'd like to do with my life.
I stupidly asked if squirrels were born in eggs. (They aren't. Don't ask.)
I have 2 parents and one sister (one brother in law, and one nephew.)
I'm growing a person who will make his entrance into the world at the end of July (I hope!)
I love fiber one poptarts.
I hate being in the car more than an hour.
I love to read.
I love to go to bed early. Always have. It's just now that I can blame it on the baby.
I can't wait to have a bottle of wine while sitting in my glider. (Judge. Judge away.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010


So we basically finished painting last night--(other than touching up where my taping was not extremely even and Ben painting the closet.)

Yes, I painted. I also drank a glass of wine and smoked a cig. Ok, maybe I only had a glass of wine and painted. I think he'll still probably be ok.

I also went to TWO baskin robbins for 31 cent scoop night, but they both had about a trillion people standing in line. I'll pay full price for my ice cream tonight--because now I NEED it. (Don't be fooled that I didn't have any last night, I did at our house while watching some SVU--which was highly disappointing BTW.) I need it in a cone. I'm feeling very lime sherbetty today.

Back to SVU--I do not support Sharon Stone being the new ADA. I didn't like her and found her character to be annoying. Just fyi. In case you were wondering my thoughts on such highly important items.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It says I'm formal.

So I was at Target today and yesterday, when I came upon this.
In case you can't click on that link, or view pictures at work (like I often cannot), let me describe for you what you would be seeing.

It is a tuxedo body suit.

Should you be in the market for a one piece, fake, knit, tuxedo top, that snaps at your bajingo--is this the deal for you! It was next to satiny, shiny, tapered dress pants. A complete ensemble.

As I know God lives at Target--because it is heaven--I know that the Divine Creator must be setting someone up for What Not To Wear.


So we painted last night. I've been thinking about all of the rooms I want to paint and what colors. When we moved into our house it had just been flipped so everything was painted nicely. It's just boring. I mean, we HAVE to paint the baby room, and wanted to so that's what sparked it. We can't have ONE room in the entire house that is painted a color and nothing else. That's just weird to me.

I want to paint an accent wall in the guest room (chocolate brown), the upstairs bathroom (really pale green), 1/2 bath downstairs (brownish/greyish color), our bedroom (really pale blue), and our bathroom a really bright greek isle blue.

We painted Griffin's room the 2 blue's last night (dark, almost navy below the chair rail and lighter blue above--we will paint the inside of the closet green.) I taped a week and a half ago. Um, here's the thing. I like painting in THEORY and not so much in practice. First things first, I'm not a highly skilled painter. Thank goodness for old wash rags that I could use to wipe up my spills. Thank goodness for my husband who patiently did all of the area near the ceiling. Tonight while he's in a meeting I will do the second (and hopefully final) coat on the room. I'm sure there will be touch ups.

It doesn't deter my NEED to get things painted. I still want to do it. I just need to acknowledge my flaws and move on. Also on the nesting list? Pantry organization. It needs to happen. I'm kind of preoccupied with it. I also really want to organize under the kitchen sink and put down some cute contact paper. We're also getting our floors cleaned in mid-may. Pretty thrilled about this. I'm thinking the dogs should also be groomed around then and then again in July before this baby makes his arrival.

In other news... I've gained a pound since yesterday. I called the doctors office this AM (of course I did) and they assured me that it's water retention. Awesome.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A "that" person.

Do you know a "that" person?

My admin asst is a "that" person. My mom used, to be, but I think she's changed her ways.

It's when you put a "that" in front of someone's name. Currently, said co-worker is saying, "Have we heard from that John Smith?" "Have we gotten that John Smith's W9?" "Does that John Smith need a room?"

This statement annoys me. My mom used it when she didn't like someone. Thing is, with the co-worker--she doesn't even have the name right. Because she doesn't know him she apparently isn't really interested in learning, either. There are letters that are just left out of the last name. Whatever.

"That" people totally irk me.

Philosophy give away!

This is an amazing give away. Check it out!!

No, I can't have your wine or your specialty cocktail.

So I had this whole post planned out where I talked about nonsensical things and customer service and I how I HATE poor customer service. However, this has been trumped.

Someone noticed I was pregnant last night!!

It's the first time! We went to our pediatrician "meet and greet" after work. (Will discuss this later.) Then we went to dinner to indulge Ben in some sushi. The girl kept telling us the happy hour specials. Ben ordered a sake. No, I wouldn't like anything.
Not even a glass of wine?
No, thank you.
What about one of our specialty cocktails?
No, I'm good.
She brings out his sake and asks if I would like any? No.

Oh my goodness, you're pregnant! I didn't even notice at first! Victory is mine. FINALLY at almost 7 months (next week!) someone noticed I'm "in the family way." I have also gained like 2 lbs in the last week. Pretty sure that's frowned upon. Looks like it may be time to reconsider my nightly ice cream indulgence and my 2nd and 3rd breakfasts.

Ok, back to the meet and greet--which sounds as if wine and cheese should be involved. They weren't. Instead we sat in uncomfortable chairs and listened to the doctors talk. I liked them all. It is a small practice, they are super customer service oriented and want to get to know everyone. AND--they are on our insurance list which gives them like 800 extra bonus points.

Here is my annoyance. This girl asks a question. You look at her and know that she's one of those people who REALLY wants to sit up front next to the teacher. This is in a group of about 30 people so the answers are for the benefit of the whole group. She asks a question. Doctor responds to the whole group. She again responds to the doctor about her own personal insurance--as if they are in a personal conversation. Ben and I look at one another and roll our eyes. We later go back to look at the rooms--and she stands right beside the doctor smiling at her as if they are in love. I can't handle these people. I can't be friends with you. It is your fault that I loathe you.

Tonight we paint his room and this weekend we go on the hospital tour!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

24 weeks.

I forgot.

You're hot.

A hot house cucumber that is. Ps. I've never heard of this type of cucumber, but it apparently represents the size of the baby. Wha? Why can't you just say cucumber? Weird. Apparently Black baby has fully developed ears now and can hear both of our voices--and probably Gizmo. I mean, who can't hear Giz?
AND, here is my 26 week picture. Ok, it's like 25 weeks and 6 days. Somehow 25 weeks didn't happen. We can pretend that it did though. Use your imagination. I looked amazing.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Does someone ever NOT get you? Like, they get you. They get the point. But, they do not get anything you are saying at all?

It's like me and math. I mean, I can do it. I got good grades through pre-cal (then I jumped ship on that whole math thing. I also refused to be in honors because I thought that was pointless, too. I knew I'd never have a job that related to calculus.) I don't get the point of my knowing how to interchange letters and numbers. Not useful to me. I'm ok with helping our child through about 5th grade math.

Currently happening RIGHT now. It happens in circles. Over and over and over again. There is no alpha and omega... only a cycle of over and over. Like running on a treadmill. Time moves at about that speed too. You know when it feels like you've run 5 miles and it's really only 1 and you have been staring at yourself in the mirror and seeing how fat you actually are so you are not only disgusted with yourself, but you're hot and sweaty, and competing next to the super trim girl next to you? What? No? Just me? It's painful. Trust me. I don't suggest.

I do suggest you celebrating dairy queen this week with a buy one get one for 25 cents blizzard. It's the blizzards 25th anniversary. It lasts until April 25! DON'T MISS IT. (new fave--cappuccino heathbar. Yum)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where do YOU work?

So I am checking out gap maternity online and click on "work essentials." Please note that we do not wear fedora's at my office? Do you? I mean, maybe if I worked at a clothing store where I'm really more interested in myself and less interested in helping you I'd wear one to work. Just sayin'. I might. Probably not, though... as I feel I look manly when wearing a hat. That and I have short hair which leads to my manly perception. WELL, that AND the fact that when I wear things on my head for any extended period of time (hats, sunglasses, head lamp) it gives me a massive headache.

Note. I do not really wear headlamps. I have before. I thought it was a keen drinking accessory in college.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Holy productivity.


We did a LOT this weekend. Like, more work than I've even done in a weekend--including a date. Not that the date was work. It was super fun. It just counted in my list of "activities." And a lot of the "work" included shopping.

We went and saw Date Night. Hilarious. I heard bad reviews so I was a little nervous... but I thought it was super funny. I think it gets extra credit funny points because they probs just make up the majority of their lines. It's also a place where you go and eat and drink during the movie. Or for those of us who find ourselves in this "condition" instead of drinks you order chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. Yum. I'm an addict. I need to see more movies, obviously.

Saturday, we went EVERYWHERE. We went to this one baby store and I bought a "coming home" outfit for our small person (who I think we've named, ps.) It was one that I wanted and it's absolutely precious. We went to PBK and checked out some things on our registry (because I did it online.) We went and looked at this OTHER baby store for funsies (and to visit the glider that I desire)--and to try out the carseat in our car. Then, we went and test drove a Touareg and a Tiguan. It was a super busy day.

Sunday, we ran more errands that I'm currently unable to recall. Seriously, pulling a huge blank on what happened yesterday. OH WAIT. We bought more flowers and flower pots. As I'm refusing to travel after June 6, we will actually be home this summer to enjoy our outdoor living spaces complete with flowers. I'm pretty thrilled about this whole ordeal. We also bought a dresser for Black baby. I look forward to getting the room all put together. I also blue taped it and prepared for painting!

And....... someday I will post pics from week 24, 25, and now 26. They may all be on the same day. Actually, I've yet to take week 25 picture. Oops. It will just be a little delayed. Oh wells.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's a buzz word. It's all the hype. All the rage. However, I'm combining syringe with energy. So I've been low in B12 for a while... at least years. I got shots for a little while, decided that was a pain to go to the doc once a week and quit. I was still low this past Nov. at my physical and she told me to have the obgyn's office check. I forgot--until last week. Oops. Still low. Now I'm back to getting shots (because this baby sucks out all of my vitamins.) Here's the kicker--I'm giving them to myself.

I went to the office on Tuesday and they gave me one in my arm. The shot itself does not hurt. It does make my arm hurt for like 2 days though. I received instructions on the injections for my "at home care" and then... a bag of syringes and NEEDLES. Ps. I hate needles. I hate having my blood taken (I just look the other way.) I get light headed. Ew.

I came home yesterday and alcohol wiped my leg, the medicine etc--like any good person (and not drug addict) would. Then I went about sticking myself. Um, hello. Skin is WAY thicker than I thought. It feels gross. I'm not a fan. They also gave me 2 sizes of needles. I used the small one yesterday--not so bad. I used the larger one today and it barely stuck in my leg. I find this troubling and will be avoiding them from now on.

B12 is associated with lots of things. Energy levels. Digestion. Cold feet. Early onset dementia. So, I'm hoping in a few days I feel an extreme turn around in energy level. I'd like for that to come when my alarm goes off instead of laying there thinking about HOW TIRED I am and that I need to go back to sleep and then shower and get dressed in 20 minutes.

I'll keep you updated. Oh, ps. I'm 25 weeks today. I think one of my last posts said 26--but what I meant was 24 and 6 months. It's my brain. It is faulty.

Monday, April 12, 2010

STARTLING information

Visiting friends this weekend I was enlightened. I mean, not in the way that I realize that there is no desk,
but here it is...

low cal frozen treats from Starbucks. I love a chai latte. However, it gets CRAZY hot in Texas in the summer and I don't always want a hot drink. I also am not in love with the iced chai because--it's mostly ice and I drink it in 2.3 seconds.

You can get LIGHT frapp's for only 90 calories. If you are a WW person, that's 2 pts. This could be a life changing bit of knowledge.

Check it out.

Glass Minagerie

Not really. That play was crazy, yo. Why did I have to read it like 300x in high school?

It's more of a hodge podge. You know... like my 24 week picture.... which is still on the camera and I didn't make it to posting. Maybe later.

And, this ADORABLE dress that I think I should have for a rehearsal dinner/shower dress/it makes me feel good about life dress.
And, I'm looking for suggestions of what to cook for a co-workers 70th birthday party we are having on Friday morning. Seriously. 70. I was going to make some muffins, and then I was thinking cinnamon rolls, and then thinking little mini breakfast casseroles made in muffin tins. I saw this on a friends blog. Ingenious! I just don't want them to get cold. No one likes cold eggs... I mean, unless you do like them and then I don't judge you at all. Ok, maybe a little, but not even publicly.

In other news--we visited some LOVELY friends and their amazing new house this weekend. They have done an AWESOME job and have quite the vision for how things could be. I mean, it had a brown fridge. I can't seem to get past that. (they do not HAVE it, but had... as in the previous owner who had made other awful decorating decisions.) We were talking about the lady who wore a diaper and disguise and drove to Florida to kill someone. I, however, feel like that is A LOT of effort. If it takes me more than like 20-30 minutes to get to you, I most likely will not be pulling out all of those stops. Most of you are safe.

Not sure why I shared that... but I did.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Love actually.

Have you seen this movie? If you have not--you are no friend of mine.

I just had an incident. You know when the guy is going to the store and is buying his somewhat mistressy/secretary lady a necklace and Mr. Bean is like SUPER SLOW and he gets all anxious that his wife is going to come back and find him?

Ok, it wasn't exactly THAT situation--but close. Ok, maybe just the anxiety. So I went to sephora after having a lovely lunch with a friend. I didn't want to go home yet because we have a roast cooking and I knew it would smell delish so I was distracting myself. I'm an avid shopper. I like to put things in my basket and then not purchase them because my good senses/guilt kick in. Anyway, I'm walking around holding 2 items and this lady is like, "would you like to try a Philosophy Oxygen Peel"? Sure. Why not. I was actually (in real life) going to look at them. So I sit... and my stomach starts moving. Shifting. FREAKING ME OUT that I may or may not yarf on her. She's talking talking--it has to sit for 3 minutes. Talking talking. I'm concentrating so hard on not becoming violently ill.

Pause--have I mentioned my tendency to be a hypochondriac? Ben had a stomach bug earlier this week and so my paranoia switch flipped and I feared that it had bestowed itself upon me.

Back to the story she tells me all about it and I don't want to interrupt her. I just need to get out of there, but she's put so much effort into this that I feel bad running off. So I just say, I'll take everything. Purchase. Leave. Come home. Haven't yarfed yet. Maybe it was my subconscious telling me I needed those items?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

An ear of corn.

He's an ear of corn. Random. I mean, You think they would pick things that are round-ish and not like an ear of corn or a zucchini. Weird. Whatevs. He's growing... and so am I. I'm up 8 lbs. I went to the Doc yesterday for my 24 week appointment. I normally see my NP instead of the doc, but I have to see the doc at least half of my appointments. Yesterday was my second time seeing her and she luckily had more personality. (Wendy, the NP has a SUPER amount.) She asked how the half marathon was (saw her in January, I guess?) I told her we didn't end up doing it and she was grateful. She wasn't excited about my running apparently. I assured her she need not be worried because I have changed my running into ice cream eating. Kidding. I didn't mention that.

I also had my glucose test yesterday. I didn't think it was so bad--the "orange drink" that is. You are supposed to have your blood taken at EXACTLY an hour afterwards. I was more like one hour and twenty minutes and the ladies in the lab are not all sunshine and unicorns kind of people so they took my 800 viles three of blood and told me I'd probably have to do it again--possibly the three hour test. Wha what? No. So I'm waiting to hear back... and if I don't hear back I guess I'll assume things went well and I'm safe to continue my ice cream intake. I had 2 big scoops last night from baskin robbins in fear it will be the last hurrah.

**Update. I passed. I can continue with my mass amount of sweets. B12 is still low... I was supposed to have that checked a while ago but didn't have the form with me last time. So they are having someone "check on that."

I saved that from earlier... and now, because it's Thursday, I have obsessively cleaned the house and am doing the laundry.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I heard about the maternity leave today. Thank goodness! 12 weeks (2 paid--10 unpaid). I can use vacation time (which I barely have) and can't use sick time. Then, I can talk with my direct boss about "additional" leave (I'd like to go PT until Feb. 1--making Black baby 6 months.) Granted, I'd like to go PT forever, but the hubs is fiscally responsible doesn't think this is the best idea. He said it could happen, but we couldn't live the live to which we have become accustomed.

I'm like... what life? Currently we live the gypsy lifestyle. In that case, from what I heard, gypsies eat kids and then we don't really have to worry about childcare and I could just work PT and be employed as our house keeper. Granted, this lady doesn't look like she's eaten many kids. Maybe I'm mixing this up with the witch in Hansel and Gretel. Whatever. She should eat more donuts.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

23 weeks.

Friends, our baby is now the size of a large mango. I think this is random. I mean, small vs. large vs. medium? Can't you just pick another fruit? Either way, George Foreman is now over a pound. Fancy.

I have now registered for a lot of items at Target (my dream land), Babies R Us (stresses me out), and Pottery Barn Kids. Mostly, I did everything online except for like... maybe 5 things. Modern day technology is amazing. The Word Wide Web that Al Gore created is truly life changing.

The picture will have to come later as I came home and cleaned the house and am now about to eat some ice cream. Too bad because I have on an adorable little clearance item from Target (from when I went to buy trash bags. Uh, and it's not on clearance online. I got it and the orange tank top to go under it for a total of $16. It's cuter in real life, fyi.) But, lovely lovely clean houses can change your perspective. That, and I can't go out of town without cleaning, changing the sheets, changing the towels etc. Who wants to come home to a mess? Especially when I'm SURE our 3 hour trip will take at least 5 on Sunday. I'm thinking of taking Monday off and getting a massage....... dreamy.

If only someone could come and finish doing my laundry, put it away, put sheets on the bed, and vac the floors for me. Ok, so maybe I'm not FINISHED cleaning, but mostly.

Where'd ya get that?

So I went out for ladies night last night and then came home to the BB. He looks at me and says, "You look cute. Where's that from?" (he points at my shirt.)

Me: "Umm.... I borrowed it." (I'm not so great at lying, btw--except about genius things like when I told Ben when we were first dating that I had to wear a helmet in the car.)

Him-skeptical: "From where?"

Me: "The store...."

Damn him and his evil spot on perception.

I was also greeted this AM with "Another new dress??"