Friday, March 20, 2009

User error

So, it's Friday. On Fridays I get to wear jeans to work. I went and got my jeans out of the dryer (where they have been for a few days and after trying on 3 other pairs) put them on. I bent down, the way every girl does, and they ripped!!! I'm not happy with this. There is no user error. They are not too tight. I will be returning said jeans to the gap. What is the problem is that in my spending freeze I cannot purchase anything... but my will is weak. I went in there yesterday on a whim and there are many cute things that I think I may need.

Dear self control,

Please get it together. Please stop letting your guard down and allowing me to eat ice cream at night. Please get your but into some work out clothes and actually work out. Please start studying some Italian. Please, withhold your need for new makeup, new dresses, new work clothes, and new spring attire. I know that it's hard... I know that you easily give in, but seriously? We have 3 weeks until Easter... at which point the spending freeze is still not over because we have the vacation to plan for, but it will be lessened a bit because I will really "need" things. Have you ever heard of delay of gratification? No, you probably shouldn't also go and buy new books to read. Or maybe you should...

I mean, I have a conference in New Orleans next week that I need to be dressed in business casual. I need to be on my A game. Working out? I probably will start that soon... and why not eat some ice cream every night? The more quickly I eat it, the more quickly it can quit taunting me. Reading books only my makes me smarter and less likely to be bored in my hotel room when I'm all alone and fabulously dressed... Oh just wait until next week when the cut and color come... I'm pretty sure I'll need new shoes for my fashion makeover and probably a black berry.

Dear person whom I have not yet met who would like to support me financially,

Please start depositing $ asap.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sad to say...

but I don't think I'm bitter currently, so I really have nothing to post other than the fact that I'm tired. Seriously Seriously tired. I mean, not showering this morning for work tired. I see this as a conscientious decision because A. You shouldn't wash your hair everyday and I'm moving in that direction (today at least) and B. I'm conserving water and saving the environment. C. I got to work earlier than normal. I probably will get some sort of bonus from the goddess later.

This past weekend was my annual girls trip. Amazing. I hate to call it a girls trip because that doesn't really encompass what it is. I mean, yes, there is wine drinking, cheese eating, chocolate absorbing and all around giggles... but there is also vocation discussion, life dreams, hopes, fears, discussion of marriage, babies, what not to wear etc. I was disappointed that I didn't think I'd get to attend this year due to life (aka $) but my sisters BFF came through and GAVE me free plane tickets. I know, I mean... why not drive? Well, Ben's gma's 90th bday party was on Sunday in Dallas... and me being the only person with actual windows on my car--we fin it best to transport the dogs in an enclosed device. It worked out. Much of my tiredness comes from the crazy travel we've been doing (out of town every weekend but one in the last 8 weeks), and the fact that I had to wake up every morning at 7:30 for the man checking for the "coons" that may have been caught in the traps he had to set. Oh, sad sad Galveston... we also had many "floods" due to other rodents eating wires or something. Scarytown. I'm going to look at it as a growing experience.... though I did sleep on the couch the first night waking up approximately every 1-2 hours in fear of a raccoon eating my face. It didn't--fyi.

Then I flew that evening... whoa, got to the airport 10 mins before my flight (this leads to extreme sweating and general hating of rude people--I'm sure this is also connected to my road rage), fly to Dallas, Bens picks me up--we go to a friends house, go to dinner, go back to their house, help fold shirts for a fundraiser at church (note I did not help fold shirts and instead laid on the couch and held a glass of wine and tried not to close my eyes). Sunday morning we got up and headed to ft. worth to drop off our dogs at my sisters, drove back to bedford to go to Luby's for Tabo's bday lunch, went and bought flowers, went to her 90th party, schmoozed with the elderly, had dinner with my fam, and then drove back to Austin to arrive at 10 pm. I then had work on Monday and extreme cleaning before my sis, mom, and little E showed up for a couple of days. I'm just tired. It's already Thursday. How did that happen? I have a HUGE report due at work, the rodeo this weekend, and then I head to NoLa for a conference (which I'm really looking forward to.) (and not only because I get to sleep in a big bed at a hotel by myself.) (Though I am looking forward to this and the waffles for breakfast.)

And then.............. I think we're home for 2 weeks until Easter, though I think the in laws are visiting some weekend between then. I know that this whole crazy busy thing is part of adult life, but seriously? I mean, I'm so thankful to get to visit people, and to have people visit, but I'm tired of doing it. I'm tired of loading up the car, saying a prayer Maggie won't puke in the back seat, and traveling 3 hours there, driving all over once we are there, leaving way later than we want to on Sunday and getting back late.

Did I mention that after Easter I get to stay at my house a WHOLE week before I then go stay at a hotel on lake Travis... in my own city... and schmooze with ministers? I mean, this is nice too, but again, not at home. I guess at least I won't have anything going on at night time and I see this as a huge bonus.

Oh, and did I mention that we're running the Cap 10k and I haven't so much been running? and I have so much been eating a lot of cheese and pizza and thin mint girl scout cookie ice cream? And that it's 2 weeks away?

Whoa... so by not being bitter, I mean that my bitterness is consuming me and wearing me out.
On Monday will be 60 days until we leave for Italy. AMAZING.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heyyyy must be the mon-ayyyyyyyyyy

Reasons why I should be a bagiollionaire... this list does not cover EVERY reason, but it will bring to light many of the reasons why I was born into the wrong caste system.

1. In order to be BFF with Clinton Kelly I must look freakin fabulous.
2. I'm a very good volunteer.
3. I think tacky thoughts about others.
4. I get a high from a good purchase.
5. I enjoy (read LOVE) leisurely (read daily) shopping.
6. I'm a product guru. Somehow info about makeup, face products, hair products etc remains in my head, but historical facts? not so much.
7. I enjoy lunching.
8. I enjoy brunching.
9. I enjoy wine tasting.
10. I like presents.
11. I like traveling.
12. I like for my house to be clean, but not cleaning it.
13. I like diamonds. Big ones. I want more. Yes, I realize others suffer for my decorations. I'm evil.
14. I'm evil.
15. I love designer jeans.
16. I desire expensive shoes and purses.
17. I want to get mani/pedi's every other week.
18. I'd love to donate to others.
19. I want time to workout everyday.
20. I want people to question how old I am and how I can have such an impeccable style and grace.
21. I don't like getting gas in my own car.
22. I should have my own tv show.

Again, this is not a full list. It has only distracted me momentarily. Someday when my money tree grows I'll begin to cultivate my skills of a lady who lunches. Until then, I'll worry about money, continue my spending freeze, fear that my highlights will grow out too soon, and wear a lot of black.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to life... Back to Reality

I'm sure this has been a title of a post before--I'm going to ignore my lack of originality and just go with it, though.

I'm back to the real world now. I'm not longer fainting at the grocery store--infact I believe I've made 3 successful trips since then. Other than a lingering cough and stuffy nose, I'd say my immunse system is back to working. Ben and I had LOTS of together time last week. We were recapping last night. He said, "I had fun getting to spend so much time with you this last week." I said, though I enjoyed the time together "fun" is not my top word to describe it. It was nice to have life slow down a bit. It was nice to stay in every night and wake up when I felt like it and then promptly take a nap. I definitely got a great amount of sleep. We didn't really do much this weekend either. This was all followed by a very low key weekend. AMAZING. We event made it to Ikea yesterday (my personal hell because I can't get out and it overwhelms me) and got Ben a desk. We're on our way to making his office look like an office and not like a disaster zone. Yay! We also went to the pool for about an hour because the weather was so nice! It was nice to be outside and to be the only people at the pool.

The whole time change thing totally messed me up, though. There I was happily making dinner (chicken tamale casserole) and my organic break and bake cookies only to realize it was 9pm!!! Um what? Clearly my internal clock was wrong. I like to eat relatively early, but whoa... 9?!?! Quick, turn off Harry Potter and turn ON Brothers and Sisters! How I delight in their turmoil. I love it. I crave it. I need it. I digress...Time change ='s boooooooo

This coming weekend I'm missing my annual girls trip. Every year my grad school friends and I get together for a weekend. I just can't make it work this year. Unless you have sky miles to give me at which point I will take them and use them and end this sadness. The problem is that it's also Tabo's (Ben's gma) 90th bday in dallas. So the transportation issue is an issue. SO,

Dear T.O., Now that you are moving to super duper cold NY for ONE year and getting paid 6.5 million dollars for that ONE year, could you please spare me a jet or some flow so I can see my ladies?

If someone knows him. Please, make this happen.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nyquil--Not my new bff.

So, as the sickness lingers I took some nyquil last night to help me breathe. Sleeping and having difficulty breathing do not go hand in hand. Well, let me tell you... I was able to breathe! but, it is no ambien. It made me feel weird and my heart feel fast and then I was awake and aware but felt like I couldn't move my arms. weird. Overall... I'm giving it an average grade. I suppose it did it's job, but I will not become obsessed and sing it's glories for all the world to hear (as I do with the ambien.) I'm sure I'll try it again, but hopefully... tonight I can just sleep without an aid.

It looks sunny outside... perhaps I'll even venture out? I'd like to go for a jog, but I'm not sure that's the best idea... maybe a swift walk? or, maybe I'll just look out the window and comment on the nice weather while catching up on What Not to Wear from my couch... all possibilities.

Friday, March 6, 2009

back in the game

After my embarrassing moment at the hebs, I've pulled through. I am not yet at a miraculous recovery, but I am not in a constant state of being horizontal. Small steps are small steps, right? The BB is still in recovery mode and not feeling well. I'm relatively sure this is the first time in life that my sickness had lasted a shorter amount of time than his. Times are changin'! (or something like that.)
Not much to mention... I made it to work today and did a lot of catching up. I've had a real meal, too! It's one of the first. In related news... I went and weighed in at WW because I had this thought... wow, I haven't eaten in a while, I bet I've lost some lbs. Still had to pay. DAMN. Yep, still 2 lbs over my "goal." I'd like to lose about 5, we'll see what happens.
I'm frustrated because March was going to be my month of working out/eating right etc, but I've started it off in a sickly stupor. I guess it's only one week. I'll survive.
This post is filled with excitement. I haven't done much lately... I can talk to you about the history channel or what not to wear, but these are my only news updates. So, I'll spare you all of the facts about if spider man's traits are real... or if they are real then how would they work (yes, yes I did see this show. This proves my extreme illness. I didn't complain. I just sat there and stared. I'm sad for me and everyone who was on that show.)
Anywho's... I hear an SVU marathon is on...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I am a train wreck

No, I wasn't caught with my arse hanging out of my denim shorts, or my belly hanging out of a mid-drift shirt. Nor was I feeding my kids 8 tons of sugar or walking bare foot into a gas station bathroom...

No no... The Bens and I headed to our joint doctor appointment--yep, we are a sad household of sickly persons (who were on the verge of making our last requests--read previous post but are feeling better today)........ anywho, so joint doc appointment, and then Ben dropped me off at the HEBS to get our prescriptions filled while he ran to chipotle to get a burrito bowl. I was also going to get some orange juice (which I only like if I'm sick), a frozen pizza (my recent obsession), and some pomegranate juice (Ben's new love), oh and some pre cut cheese for crackers (because I'm lazy.)

I drop off the Rx's (isn't that right?) and head to the oj... I'm feeling a little blurry. I get the oj after some consideration as to which size (this is a hard decision which should have tipped me off). I start feeling really not well, give up on the pomegranate and cheese because they are too far away, and think I can make it to the frozen foods. Well, I needed to sit down asap in the automotive aisle. SO I sit down and stare carefully at the products so as to appear that I'm in deep contemplation, but then I need to lay down... so I do. On the grocery store floor (this will make a reappearance at the end.) Ok, ok, I must get up and get pizza... whoa... I grab the first pizza I see and know that I must get to the front of the store in the patio table section because I know that they have chairs and Ben will be able to find me (I'm lacking cell phone.) He walks in just in time. I sit down, a lady that works there asks if I'm ok, I say no, then I lose track of time and hear Ben yelling my name and telling me to wake up in what appears to be a dream. Yep, I passed out at the grocery store. I then tell them that I need to lay down and there are all of a sudden 5 people that work there standing over me asking questions like, "have you been drinking today? Do you know what day it is? Do you know what your name is?" no. Wednesday. Amanda. I'm on top of things. Then they call the EMT. Seriously, can I get more train wreckish? yes. As they wheel me out on a stretcher to get in my car.
The only thing humorous about this post is the "have you been drinking" comment and when the emt guy asked me what happened, and I said "I may have passed out a little." I thought it was funny... you takes whats you can gets. I'm just glad that Ben made it there and I wasn't by myself in the auto aisle...
I'm feeling much better today and plan on working tomorrow. amazing.