Friday, February 22, 2008

the south will rise again

I love the south. I would live there in a heart beat again. However, this is not the point of this post...

SO, I've gone to a temp agency and signed away my life. (not true.) I'm also helping this insurance broker, but this week I wet and worked at the Special Olympics of Texas office. I saw this as an opportunity to help people and perhaps meet some people that are more inline with the direction in which I want to move. Right? wrong.

So, I go in and they put me to work--data entry. Super, I can type like crazy a. because I grew up using computers and b. I wrote a million papers in college and grad school. Anyway, the girl showed me where the delete button was. I let this slide. I think that may have been the only time someone spoke to me that day until it was time to leave. I was typing away in a painful chair that was too short for the computer (without access to the internet... that made me super productive.) Anwyay, this woman comes up and taps on my shoulder and tells me that the girl in charge of me left and that she can't leave until I do. Uh, hello? I'm you're slave basically. Because that is how they treated me. Well, they treated me like a typing and filing slave. I used to think in a woe as me kind of way that my parents had me in order to clean bathrooms. I know, I know... I'm a dramatic child. I used to pretend to be Annie when doing my chores. SO... I suppose I should have pretended to be Annie again. That would have been more fun to be the crazy temp singing and dancing in the corner. That could have been abetter story.

Either way, today was my last day. I was supposed to only work until noon which was awesome, but still dreadful. So, I"m up ass early, doing my makeup, about to put on my clothes when the phone rings, I answer... it's the temp agency. Apparently I finished all the work yesterday and they didn't need me today. THis would have been SUPER to know last night!!!! RARg.

SO, instead I believe I'll get dressed and go to target. I mean, what's not to love about spending some time at your favorite store in the world on your day off?

As for the temp agency... not sure what's going on there. I don't think I'm cut out to do data entry and filing so much that my fingers are raw. I guess I had to try it to know for sure?

I plan on having wine tonight.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weight watchers... tighter pants.

I am a self professed lover of the weight watcher way of life. Well, I was. Now, I seem to be just watching my weight grow by the day. I blame it on the girl scout cookies, wine, and general love of all cheese. I just do so well with celebrating with everyone and celebrations always involve food, right? Perhaps I'm at the wrong celebrations. Turns out that eating a lot of 100 calorie snacks isn't really the way to go. Who knew?

I said I was going to start counting points for Lent. I mean, sacrifice is part of what it's about and part about taking an action on. Ok, so this isn't all that religious, expept when I pray, "God, please let me only eat 2 thin mints today." I mean, they have THIN in he name. Perhaps next year I'll give up girl scouts all together. At least my heart feels good that I gave to a good cause, and my neighbor.

SOOOO I'm a little bit late, but today I ran. Tomorrow, the plan is to wake up and do it again, maybe twice. A little over zealous? maybe. I want to look good for Easter. I mean, if Jesus is a raising (I was going to say "a raisin'--country accent) but then it looked like Jesus was coming back as a withered grape. Not at all what I meant, but then again miracles happen... like turning water to wine. Biblical, therefore I believe I'll have a glass tonight.

Another thought, why do many engineers have short pants? This is a phenomenon I see when I visit B at his work. I mean, what is it with short jeans, wrinkled tshirts, and white high tops? Maybe for my job I could go there and just bring fashion to them? We can have little meetings... I could have a joint title of Minister, HR, and Social Worker. Perhaps I'll find the president of the company and see what he thinks about his idea. Maybe I'll also dress up as a robot so that he can hear me better.

As for the job search. lame. I'm helping this guy out who is an insurance broker. I don't even understand insurance so I'm no super thrilled about this, but I get out of the house and make some dolla. I'll be an upstanding member of society yet! I am looking into a MSSW program at UT. Does anyone want to pay me to go to school? That'd be fab.

And on this note... I hear the law and order theme song... so it looks like I'll watch 8 episodes because one starts right after the other... right after my cookie. Im a preacher of forgiveness and new beginnings. Tis the season for a new emergance... perhaps I'll emerge as an overweight woman stuffed into her old weight watchers clothes. Bring it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy V-Day

It just makes me think, "Happy Vagina Day." I know, that's weird... but hey, I'm weird. Perhaps I think this because Jane Fonda used the "C" word on the today show? Lovely. Well,I hate that word, but loved that she used it. Or, it's because Valentines is a ladies holiday. I mean, we are here to recieve. It's one day for men to go out and be all romantic... in addition to our anniversary, birthday, chirstmas, and well maybe ever other holiday, too :) We women are trouble. But seriously, valentine's is filled with flowers, chocolate and monogrammed gifties. THese are not typically things men love to recieve. SO live it up wine, dine, chocolate, and diamond us. We loves it.

This is not an exciting blog. Ijust wanted to use the word vagina apparently? I should have an interesting blog after a wedding this weekend. I'll keep you updated.

Friday, February 8, 2008

a Hiatus

That's a funny word, but not as funny as this commercial I heard on the radio yesterday when I was driving back from Ft. Worth. (ps. I went to Ft. Worth for a change of scenery and to visit the rents which was lovely and touched with Joe T's.)

Anyway, back to the story... so I'm riding along jamming to some texas country music. SO this commercial is about Valentine's day. This guy is musing about how he doesn't know what to get his girlfriend/wife/significant other whatever the hell she is. She says things to him like, "It's ok, I don't really want anything." His response, "I know that means I can't show up empty handed." Her, "It doesn't matter as long as it's from you." him "Does that mean she wants chocolates?" ok, on and on for a few minutes like that and then the voiceover... "Come into Kroger where GROUND BEEF is only x amount of dollars." UMMMMMMMMMMM hell no does a girl want ground beef for valentines! If someone showed up a my door wih a bow around some dang ground beef I may throw it at the person. I am mad at Kroger for marketing this to un-knowing men... the ones who don't buy a card until valentine's day when all that's left are religious cards. It's just not right. That, and do they want them to buy the meat today? I mean, that's a week for it to sit hiding in the fridge (hopefully in the fridge.) This commercial did inspire me to make spaghetti last night. It was delish.

Ground beef--delish in spaghetti, not as a gift, unless perhaps my new diamond earrings are sticking ou the side... then it's still disgusting, but sparkly. Did Halmark put this on the approved gift category? They are falling down on the job.

Is it sad that I was remembering back to crap we used to buy our parents for holidays and then thought... damn, my husband better step up when we have kids and I better not get stupid shit. Yah, that's probably wrong, but I'm not looking forward to recieivng plastic necklaces or stuffed animals.

Another commercial ridiculousness... anytime they are marketing some new pills for anything joint pain, breathing, headache, depression etc. listen to the "possible side effects." Seriously they are like, "You may experience extreme nausea, depression, bleeding from the ear and your arm falling off. this only occurs in 39 percent of people. If this happens contact your doctor immediately." And me, the marketers dream am like wow... I should really ask my doctor about trying that. THis is why americans are dumb. Well, that and on our sleeping medications there is a reminder in the side effects section that says "May cause drowsiness." I hope so. stupid.