Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a little nakey time.

So we play outside nakers a lot. By we, I basically just mean Griffin. It is ridiculously hot here and almost too hot to even go to the pool. We have quite a bit of shade in the backyard and lots of toys so who needs a swimsuit/diaper? Not this guy. He really enjoyed going from the fire engine to the pool and back.

Sliiiiiiddddeee. It's a fun word to say. He l.o.v.e's the slide.

He also loves him some Mama.

And is obsessed with the zebra. It's the first toy he goes to and rides around the house terrorizing Gizmo whenever possible. Well, whenever Gizmo is not trying to heard him. So it's about 50-50.

Um, how cute is this little outfit? Fear not... it now has lunch all over it, but oh, so cute. And those are clam diggers... not highwaters. totes diff.

We had a GREAT weekend. Ben was home. We played. I ran. Ben and I went on a DATE with a babysitter and everything--we didn't go on a date with the babysitter. Just saying that we had a babysitter. I'm sure you got that point, but it sounded weird. We went to dinner at a delish place, had a bottle of vino, an amazing espresso granita, and then... it was only 8:30. So we went for a glass of wine at a different place--because we didn't want the babysitter to think we were lame-0, well that and we COULD go somewhere. It was awesome. We had a ton of fun. We still really like one another. I also went to Target BY MYSELF FOR AN HOUR. Yes, I had to write that in all caps because I'm basically screaming it from the roof tops. Well, I was. I'm not now.
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