Monday, July 14, 2008

I think my house just fell and now everythign is in color. Now where are my sparkly shoes?

SO.... we've been LIVING in Austin for almost an entire year! This is crazy. I can't quite seem to place where the last 300 odd days have gone. I think some of them got lost somewhere between loving being in texas, hating not being in atlanta, missing my friends, hating my job, taking 4 jobs, making new friends, running, having some drinks, traveling etc, and then... all of a sudden... it's the middle of JULY... I still miss being in Atlanta, am happier to be in Austin, decorating the house, having ONE job that starts in Aug and actually coincides with my gifts and graces, running, making new friends, traveling raising money for LLS, getting a new dog and curtains. Um... and realizing, that I am co-directing a church camp in less than one week. What? How did camp creep up on me in no time? I feel like for the last few summers of directing I've been on the ball. I've been prepared for camp, getting my stuff together, working with the authorities (of bridgeport, that is,) and now... not so much. I feel like I have just woken up and now what?

Dear Dorothy, please let me borrow your shoes. I need to go on a technicolor adventure. IT would also be great if they could transport me from one wedding to another and go wtih every outfit. But then again... don't red sparkly shoes go with every outfit? I'm going to go out on a limb and say, "yes."

So many things going on these days and life seeming to fall into place. Sort of. Hopefully.

After my long struggle of the "job issue"... hating the spa, being unemployed and hating myself, working for Rodney--he's so nice, but hte job is boring, to being offered the PT youth director position at University UMC (loving the church), being offered the PT after school director at Trinity Episcopal School... taking both, still not wanting to work on weekends, realizing I was going to be working Sun-Fri with late evenings and being excited by and disappointed by both all at the same time. I was offered a, what seems to be, AMAZING job wth the Texas Methodist Foundation being their Director of Ministries. I'm not entire sure what all this entails, but I do know that it comes with benefits and a lack of weekend work. Awesometown. Truthfully, it sounds like I'm going to be so happy at this place. I'm really excited to start in August!

My sister is knocked up. Joy of joys! I get to have a small person to buy things for! I'm holding out of the purchasing until we find out what she's having! YAY for babies in the family (and buying us some time before the real pressure is put on us.) Realistically, I have to go to Italy and drink wine and eat cheese before I can be "in the family way."

I have a LOT of friends getting married! I love going to weddings and getting to be a part of that day for my friends... and now I must find some shoes to go with the cute dresses I need to wear :) Kidding. Clearly, it's not about my shoes... it's about love.

I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed and honestly like I've just woken up from a dream and am slowly realizing that I've been going through the motions of life and not taking hold or being completely present.
I all just seems so un-real. You, and you, and YOU were there. I guess I've been here all along. Eitherway... this is home. Austin is home. I'm goign on 29 and I'm home.... (for today anyway)


JilliBean said...

hey honey happy one year in austin! i mis you and will be back to texas in a couple of months for another wedding it looks like. why is everyone getting married? congrats on the fab new job!

Catherine said...

It's kind of scary and kind of great when you look around one day and realize this new place you weren't so sure about is suddenly home. But, here's to the greatness of it and the OKness of letting a new place sink in deep.

Nikki said...

i wish i had ruby slippers