Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dr. Black, I presume.

Have I mentioned that Dr. Black is teaching a class at UT (university of Texas) again this semester?  Impressive, no?  Well, DR. Black teaches on Monday's and Wednesdays over lunch-ish time (no I do not know the name of the class... one that was not required for my BS in Psych, Reli Studies or Sociology.)

Yesterday, he told me that he stopped at Spec's (our big liquor store) to get a sandwich for lunch.  He just couldn't come up with somewhere quick on his way from UT back to his office (ummm... what?) except there.

I was all, "you couldn't find somewhere to stop other than specs?  I can think of a lot of places."

"Well, not that also sold whiskey.  I was out... the sandwich was really good though.  You missed the point."

True love.

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