Monday, August 11, 2014

Meyer Meyer Pants on Fire. 16 and 17 months.

You continue to grow cuter and cuter and funnier.  Your gap tooth smile is about the sweetest thing I've seen.  You want to do everything and anything your brother does.  You have a temper.  You hit.  You want to be held.  You have a new fake cry.  It's hilarious and sad.  You, until yesterday, had a mullet again.  Amazing because you don't have much hair.  What you do have is super duper blonde.  Any time you see my phone you start saying "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" for your picture to be taken.  You like to hear Siri.  You love to call your bubba.  You hold up your hands in a "where did it go" fashion and I love it.  You still love balls.  You'd like to hold one while eating.  You like to hide them.  You like going up stairs.  You LOVE taking a bath.  Your cheeks are the most smoochiest.  You constantly have dirt in your neck folds.  It's a good thing you like a bath.  You also despise having your face wiped after eating.  You love to go to bed.  You'd like to go to bed at 5:30.  We don't let you.  We put you off for at least an hour.  You don't really want to snuggle, but I do make you.  You give kisses.  They are the sweetest and the wettest.  You love to be held.  You love to sit on Maggie.  grab her face.  You like to put your finger in your dad's beer (or cocktail.)  I keep waiting for a yuck face, but you don't give them.

Basically, my dear, you are adorable.  You are a dancer.  You are so cute.  So loveable.  We sure do love you.

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CDS said...

Sweet sweet boy!!!