Friday, June 7, 2013

zoo. quick, padlock the animals.

We went to the Austin zoo a few weeks ago.  Trying to get in some fun "before Mama goes back to work" adventures.  AND, Ben was off for Memorial day so it was the perfect opportunity.  We got there early so it wasn't crazy hot or crazy busy.  Things I thought G would love, lions and tigers and bears, OH MY.  He ran past.  Of course.  Just like when we go on play dates at someones house and he loves something, I get it, and he plays with trains.  

Our zoo is SMALL.  And everything was behind some sort of tiny thin wired area with padlocks.  So, you know, like super safe.  

Lots of rescue animals.  A HUGE feed the animals section.  And, most importantly, an m'fing train.  (Please use a Samuel L. Jackson voice here.)

Now be photo bombed.

Why yes, that conductor IS on her cell phone.  Safety first.  Austin's finest.

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Sarah K said...

His dimple kills me.