Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The g

Griffin is funny.  He makes me laugh.  He actually laughs really hard when I laugh.  which is awesome.  He says a lot of things that I think, I have got to blog about that.  Or, that I'll never forget it because he is SO FUNNY.

Tonight he told me after he had pooped that one of his turdlets looked like a catfish.

And then he was looking at a picture of Ben and I from our wedding day and asked if he was in my tummy then.  Uh, rude.  I didn't look bloated.  I didn't say that, and my immediate thought was "just say something cliche like 'heaven' or 'with God.'  but then if I say that he'll think that God preordaines things and I don't believe in that and I don't want him to either...because, well... for a lot of reasons (hello, crazy.)  so I just told him "no, not yet."  And he wanted to know where he was.  So I told him he was "in my head and in my heart and I could only hope for a baby like Griffin."  To which he asked...

"so where my legs and my feet in your heart?"  logical.  comical.

This same kid has also screamed since I put him to bed an hour and a half ago.  Beat his head against the wall.  yelled MOMMY I NEED TO TELL YOU A QUESTION.  Talked me into watching team oomi zoomi and is now laying in my bed.  Less charming.

That catfish thing, though... sure is funny.

In all seriousness...anyone else have separation anxiety issues at age 3?

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CDS said...

I want to eat him up! ...and C is still attached at the hip to me about 60% of the time.