Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This one is for your imagination.

As I have yet to rescue pictures off of our camera. This little post can be used by imagination. It may be more comical or scary depending on your personal imagination. So we have had some events at our house. One, my mom has been super sick and in the hospital for a week. And we don’t live there. Stresses me out. Tbd when she will get to go home, but is doing better. Two. We have a raccoon problem. In our walls. Yah. We have raccoons who are apparently living in our walls. Ben called the Austin Rescue people and they said the first line of defense to try was to buy some Coyote Urine and sprinkle it around our yard. But, in case you didn’t know, there is a shortage on coyote urine so we had to settle for fox urine. Both of which are natural predators and so when they (the ‘coons) smell the urine they know someone is hunting them. This didn’t work. Our backyard now smells like fox urine. (side note… what is the donation process for this? Specimens? Do they get paid like with plasma donations? Do they pee in a cup?) So yesterday Gary came out. Gary told me “If ‘coons wanna get in your house, ‘coons are gonna get in your house. I’ll have ‘em out by Saturday I hope because I’m goin’ on vacation for two weeks.” Ben left for Chicago today. So I’m home alone. 2 kids. 2 dogs. And some ‘coons. Two things you should never google--health related things or raccoons in your house.

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Shaina said...

'coons - um, no thanks. I hope your Mama is feeling better, my FIL was in the hospital too - no likey. I think you should have crackers, cheese and wine for dinner and a good dose of reality tv for dessert.

btw- Cam has been napping for over 1.5 hours - this has NEVER happened - EVER.