Thursday, December 5, 2013

testing testing. this thing on?

If a blogger exits the blogosphere do their pictures go on? They do. I actually have some blog posts READY (sans pictures.) Because, I mean, should your husband go out of town for a week and a half and leave his macbook air at home and you put your other computer with all the pictures on it SOMEWHERE THAT YOU DON"T REMEEBER it makes it difficult to post those posts. Because, I can't remember a day-um thing. Things that have happened. My birthday. M turned 7 months. M turned 8 months. G started school. Thanksgiving. Pumpkin patches. Halloween. Holy effer. A lot of things. SO now I'm on a low of eating too much chic fil a and wallowing in a roman coke while watching news about nelson mandela, looking up muffin recipes and wondering at what point it becomes child abuse when your 2nd kid hasn't had a bath in a while? I kid. I kid. (I don't.)

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Sarah K said...

I just wait until the smell of spit up overtakes the house and then I bathe. A for effort. ;)