Monday, November 17, 2014

Meal Plan Monday or something

real life.
Hello internets.  I'm occasionally emerging from the fog that is being a mom to three small boys and never using a computer and being inept at typing more than instagram posts via my phone.

I like that I can re-look at things I wrote about our lives and family as the small amount of memory I have is now used learning things like parts of planes, all the new names for dinosaurs and making sure everyone is semi clean.  Noted--when changing tiny baby diaper in the night I was so annoyed that I picked up a messed up one that Pampers had put the tabs on backwards.  SO ANNOYING.  I beat the system by just twisting them so it was ok.  When he woke up later he was soaked.  Yah, sorry Pampers for the damning of you.  I had the diaper wrong side out.  Le sigh.

SO  I may have written about how we have been meal planning for what like 2 years now.  We were food wasters.  We would go to the grocery and buy things and then not have any idea what we were going to make and then eat out.  Waste.

I'm thinking that I can make myself get on the internet tubes at least once a week and figure out what the hell we are going to eat.  SO this week it is as follows.  I write it on all the chalk board wall in our kitchen because my useless brain needs constant reminders of what I'm doing when it comes 4:30 that does not involve "Pour a glass of wine."  Somehow that one sticks in my mind.   No notes required.  Also, we never waste wine.  In case anyone was wondering.  Dr. Ben often tells me when I consider not finishing my glass, "waste not.  want not.  That's what Jesus said."  Now I know that Jesus did not literally say this because it isn't written in red and that seminary degree and all.  Other points of note--I remember almost nothing from seminary.  You can call me Master anyway.

Sunday--Bang bang chicken pasta
Monday--Thai-Mex tacos with easy jasmine rice
Tuesday--Crockpot turkey, blackbean and zucchini chili
Wednesday--Coconut curry with easy jasmine rice (from Monday)
Thursday--Baked potatoes topped with chili from Tuesday
Friday--Thai peanut salad (made up)

Goals--eat what we buy. eat healthfully. have lunch leftovers. try new things. reuse ingredients.  make one crockpot meal (usually on tuesdays because G has gymnastics and it's a crazy day.)  make one meat free meal.

Staples--we buy meat, typically in bulk, divide into portions, vac seal and freeze.  we buy rice and pasta's in bulk also.  we keep staple canned goods--black beans, fire roasted tomatoes etc. (okay, back to using caps because my baby let me lay him down... for now)

The bangbang we probably would not make again.  If we do... I'd call it She Bangs Pasta and make up a new recipe.

The Thai-Mex tacos were a win.

We've made the chili before and the rest of the items on the list.  I love the Coco curry.  I hate coconut.  This is good.  We generally make versions of what the recipes are based on what we have--like for that one I don't have shrimp paste or ketchup (vomit) so I use most of the stuff and then use fire roasted tomatoes.  Chicken breast instead of thighs.  sweet potatoes.  and I buy the ginger paste in the fresh section.  easier.  Anyway, you get the gist.  Use what you have and what your family likes.

Holding baby again.  Gosh they are so needy.

Anyway.  how is THAT for a non baby related
real life post?

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