Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mey Mey 18-19 months

OH mey mey.  How behind am I on your life?  I just love every inch of you.  I love how you love to dance and it involves a LOT of head movement.  I love how you run.  Belly out and one arm swinging.  You love your bubba.  you love your daddy.  You semi love maggie.  You LOVE your baby... and his eyes.  You like to point at (poke out) his eyes.  You say things 80% right.  You use a lot of inflection.  When I ask if you can say "griffin" you respond with "bubba."  You say "ollie."  You say "mummies" instead of gummies.  You ask for gummies everyday after your nap.  You are a DREAM to put to sleep.  You give good kisses.  They are slobbery and wet and awesome.  You love the bath.  You love your "bobby."  Which is how you say paci.  We now all call paci's "bobby's."  I love you in jeans.  You have the sweetest laugh.  The sweetest little voice.  You announce before you bite someone.  "I BITE."  Terrible.  Damn, you're cute.  You understand 99.9% more than what you choose to say.  You love to say, "Mama.  NO.  No.  Mine."  So I can say "yes.  yes.  mine."  You love shoes.  You call them "oosh."  I shouldn't repeat that back, but I do.  Because you are my baby.  Ok, the middle.  You are a baby and I love you.  A lot.  You have now started saying "night night, baby" when you are ready for bed because that is what I say to you.  You have decided your little bathroom stool can get you anywhere.  You throw fits.  You would prefer to be carried.  You are just so stinkin cute you get away with a lot because of that smile.  I wish I had more secluded time with you.  You are my very favorite age right now.  Don't ever change.

I loove my stinky, messy, meyer-boo.

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