Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My kids.

I'm sorry I've abandoned the blog.  Not for the readers, but for myself.  I can't remember all of my stories and I want to hold on to them.  My kids are amazing and adorable and I'd keep them these ages forever... well, if Oliver would stop eating leaves.  And I've been meaning to add pictures to this for a LONG time.  I'm behind.  Here is my post.  Without pictures.  For now.

Griffin--You are five.  you are MOUTHY.  You are amazing and generous and kind and quick witted.  You have a fuse.  You throw some major fits.  You say the most honest and sweetest things.  You love talking with people.  I love this about you and it terrifies me about you.  You trust all people.  You are smart.  You love legos and hot wheels.  Lots.  You cannot wait to start kindergarten.  I'm both ready to have you start and very very very much want to keep you home.  I'm a public school supporter.  I'm not a bully supporter and I love my baby just the way he is.  I know he is going to lose some of his fancy in going to school.

Meyer--We repeat about five million times a day "he is so cute."  The things you say are adorable.  You are a snuggler.  You are tiny.  You think you are five.  You say, "I'm wittle.  When I bigger I gonna be 5."  Your voice patterns and your little voice are precious.  Your little legs try desperately to keep up with your brother.  You called Griffin "bubba" from the time you could talk.  I guess you decided you are big because you refuse to call him that, now.  You call him "fiffin."  You call Oliver "ollie-ber."  You get so excited about things.  I decided to potty train you and decided you are part camel.  You have had 2 accidents and you basically have held it.  Impressive.  I'm enjoying getting to spend more time with you when G is at school.  You love to sit in my lap.  You want to be closer than Oliver.  You can get mad and scream.  You get quickly over it.  You get that from your dad.  You love the minions and mater.  (Nader)  You like to say, "I two."  "Where ARE me?" (when you are hiding.)

Oliver--everyday you learn more things.  YOu are into dancing and just now... climbing.  You can find every leaf that has ever been tracked into the house.  You eat them.  You are a great eater for the most part.  You show zero interest in weaning.  I love your smile and your laugh.  You are patient.  You have started to play in your bed when it's nap time.  It takes you almost an hour of crawling around and pulling up before you decide you are ready for bed.  You still wake up once a night to nurse.  You love your brothers.  You dance.  You clap your hands.  When I put you to bed and sing to you, you "sing" with me.  When I kiss you all over your face you have started smacking your lips and kissing me back.

I love these boys in a fierce way.  I get tired and short with them and at the end of the day I feel guilty for not appreciating all of the time I have with them.  I miss them when they sleep.  I want them to stay 5, 2 and almost 1.  I can't wait for the people they are becoming.  It's a mixed bag, this mom thing I have going.  I hope to do it right, or at least as best as I can.

I couldn't love you more.

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