Tuesday, January 29, 2008

If I had a super power

It would be to get rid of student loans. I know, some may say theirs is to read minds, or fly, or be invisible, or eat cheese, but not me. Mine is student loans. If I could council a young person I'd tell them to go to a cheap ass college they got a scholarship to. I wish someone could have encouraged this more forcefully to me! I mean, who the hell goes to the most expensive school in Texas based only on scholarships for their first year? Oh... um, I did. It turns out that at 18 I wasn't so financially savvy.
Something else I'd tell said young person... get internships. Don't babysit and nanny your way through college and teach swimming lessons in the summer. This gets you no where later in life. So what if you hav eto work a lot in school and have fewer friends or party stories. you should work!

Everyone should work and go to cheap schools. They should wear the same clothes all the time even if it's tapered legg jeans and flannel vests.

Ok, maybe I"ve gone too far. Either way... you should definitely not work in humanities. I mean, that or you shouldn't have loans if you get a degree in psych, sociology, or an MDiv. These are the new rules. If we ministers didn't have loans our fashion would be way better. I promise.


Steven and Elizabeth Schindler said...

I agree. No loans = cuter pastors.

Kate M said...

Flannel vests? Do these exist? Where can I find one? :)