Monday, June 9, 2008

doggy blog

I'll have to add pictures when I get home today, but we got a new dog this weekend. She's absolutely adorable and apparently has the bladder of a small whale that she likes to release when we are away. Ok, this has only happened 2x, but still... a lot of urine from one dog. We have named her Maggie Mae and she's a golden something mix. She's about 40 lbs, pretty tall and lanky. She's sweet and totally scared of Giz and has no clue what to do with toys. She'll learn though. We had a pretty good weekend with her. I think it will get a lot better after she's lived with us a while and she's just a normal part of everyday life. We're also trying to teach her not to jump on the furniture... this proves to be difficult... and that when she jumps in bed it is on my head and then in my spot.

I also started my new job on Sunday. It was different... and I' mjust not positive I'm wanting to work there... especially when I have lake invites! It went well. I went to Sunday school, church, MYF. I just have a hard time filling 2 hours on Sunday nights. Maybe we can eat for an hour and a half? Negative. Junior high boys don't do so well with that. I'm stopping working for Rodney and letting another friend take over for me. I'm sjust crazy overwhelmed with getting this down and then also the school job. I went and visited there last week and holy poo... Lots of work. And clearly, we all know, I'm not cut out for the hard working life. Tomorrow is my first staff meeting... and my interview for a different job. Wish me luck with both!

I also ran 8 miles out of peer pressure on Saturday. I went with the intentions of running 6, but... I give in easily. I'm still holding out on not doing the FULL marathon, but I may give in on that as well. I actually don't know anyone doing the half so I don't want to run by myself... But at the same time.... I don't want to run for so long that I have to eat a meal in the middle of working out. I find this to be terribly uncool. Maybe I'll just get really really fast and this will not happen and I can finish in record breaking time? I'm guessing no, but it's worth a try :)

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