Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ok, So seriously, how do I go from no jobs to having 2 and being interested in another one that I actually have an interview for this week. What the hell? ANd what the hell do I do if I get offered it... granted that I may want it? Who knows? Ug, I'll keep you updated.

In other news... I ran 6 miles and felt like I might die on Saturday. Ick. Apparently not running the right amount during the week kind of screwed me. I'm back on track this week. Luckily, it isn't Memorial day again. That was not good for my liver nor my running.

So... ran yesterday, then pooled it, then dinner by the lake. Delicious day. today we woke up and went kayaking down on town lake and then had a TASTY brunch at Magnolia. What Sunday isn't complete without a nap? Had one. Granted, it will be like my last one ever because I have to start working on Sundays (lame.) How do I get out of this? apparently it's required if you work at a church. Silly.

I'm still lacking in $ for fundraising. So, give me some.

Umm and it's supposed to be like 98 degrees everyday this week. Air conditioning. check.

And lastly, here are some pics I thought I'd share... and I'm going to be an Aunt? Wha What??

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