Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Consume my thoughts, be still my soul.

SOOOOOOOOO I suppose I haven't written in a while. I think that I get overwhelmed and then I think, I'll just do it later. This is much my thoughts with laundry. Hence, then spending an entire day on it. I have other skills. This used to be followed by "like celebrity gossip." However, as other things have fallen away, so has my knowledge of all things good and celebrity related. Apparently, my pinkfabulous computer does not compel me to write. Instead, it compels me to do research on things like new tv's, a wii, and running attire... and baby products for my neice/nephew. I think it's still in the jamie lee curtis phase... but we'll know what jamie lee for sure is next Thurs, Sept. 4.

I've started my new job. I think i'm going to lurve it. The people ar epretty fab, but I don't really know what my role is, per se. I'm somehow important, yet not sure what that holds. SO until them I'm assisting the assistant until I learn. I have also created a budget for like the 100th time in the last year. My goal, this time, is to actually use it so that the research I do on tv's and wii's actually pays off. Well, that and so that I can get my hura did and not stress out about what it costs to keep up this appearance. ... and hopefully so I can get some new shoes... and have a fabulous birthday dinner.

Traning is going really well. I ran 16 miles on Saturday and taht is the furthest I've ever run... ever. It took me about 3 hours and I was pretty happy with my pace. My legs now hurt like hell. Hence, I'm getting a massage on Friday night. I'm hoping to get in a relatively long run Friday morning though so I don't have to do anything on Saturday. We're missing the human race, but we'll be in Fredericksburg with my fam celebrating my mom's 60th bday and my dad's 61st. Yay for wine tours.

Back to work. So I've offered to go to this conference in October in Chicago. So, I looked up some of the presenters and they are all at these mega churches. So, I looked up ones close to my parents house and holy crappola. These people are nuts. (forgive me if you are also nuts and think no one should ever get divorced, and if I offer you help in your marriage and you refuse I kick you out of church.) I'm baffeled by this. PS... don't know how to spell baffled. weird word. I also sat in on this group (I'm going to be in charge of the groups) and we prayed over someone... this makes me uncomfortable, especially for people I do not know. I am also uncomfortable with, while praying, people beside me are saying silently to God, "yes Lord. yes sweet Jesus." Because it isn't between you and Jesus... now I'm brought into your personal prayer. I know this should not bother me... but it does. It bothers me as much as when people say "just" before every sentence in their prayer. anyway. I have more to say, but I'll not.

I'm also in need of a pretty awesome halloween costume that is music related. I would love some suggestions. Perhaps even "couple" suggestions so I can incorporate my husbandola.

I'm going to be 29 in 2 months.

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Catherine said...

Perhaps I should have warned you about the way JT prays, and about some of his theology in general... but don't let them/him pressure you into adopting his style! Your own style with all of that stuff is fine just the way it is :)