Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Have I mentioned G is going to big kid school?

Not the post I want to write about that. He is. Nov. 1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY We are all really excited. I'm obsessing about how I'm going to make drop off and pick ups happen, but it is what it is. It will work. We should have started in September when school started. It is no secret I've been super blessed with our child care providers. They are awesome. Taught G all kinds of things like animal noises and things I forget about. However, it's been declining. My happiness that is. mostly because I think my baby isn't happy. The big kid. Who is still only 3. The one who I'm forcing a parent teacher conference with because this mama has been pushed too far. My child is not perfect. My child can throw fits. My child can test your patience. My child is generally kind. My child is not aggressive. The reports I'm getting are of the latter. He isn't kind. He is being too aggressive with his friends. Everyday when I pick him up he is in trouble. Today when I talked to him about what he was doing to be in time out (explained to me via child care provider)he couldn't tell me. He didn't know. "I was habrassing my friends." Now, I don't think he knows that word so I feel it's obvi a repeat. He is the oldest. He is smart. I know he isn't being challenged because most of the kids are way younger. I worry his little self esteem is being hurt by someone not wanting him to be there. And that makes my mama-heart sad. and angry. and worried that I will be petty when discussing this topic. I mulled over (aka called my sister who is much more level headed and better at discussions than I am) and decided I can't not say something. Yes, it's a few weeks left. Yes, it will probably be awkward because M is still going to go there. But it's too late. I sent an email requesting a conversation. What would you do? Would you say something? I'm torn up inside about this. My big kid. My three year old. He's still little. And he's still my baby.


Jill said...

I had a very similar situation with an in home daycare we used. Alexandra started having all these problems there and it became very apparent to me that she wasn't being challenged and was bored. So I did the same thing you did, enrolled her in big kid school, starting Nov.1 of last year and it was the best decision I could have made for her. I also pulled Laura out and hired a nanny who could take Alexandra to and from school and watch Laura. Best decision ever!

I highly recommend talking to your provider. Make sure to throw in some complimentary touches about her care and let her be assured that you still like her very much otherwise you wouldn't leave Meyer there but in the mean time, you have expectations for how G$ should be treated, etc. The joys of parenting!!!

Sorry for the book. Call, text, FB if you want to talk any of this over!! Good luck!

Heidi Bruch said...

This makes me sad. Even if it was all true, it is very age appropriate behavior. I joule not bat an eye at talking its them. Poor little buddy. :( let us know how it goes.

Deana said...

Talk to them. You know how to be professional but kind. This may not be something they are even realizing. Or it may be something they're not really equipped to handle. It's hard to work with kids at all different levels in the same room(even for a teacher who's been doing this education thing for 14 years). It might be a fix for them later, or it might be a sign for them to notice earlier later on down the road. G's gonna do great.