Sunday, October 6, 2013


I love a race. I love going to cheer. I love running and seeing people on the sidelines. I dislike people standing on the sidelines in total silence. This AM the little boys and I went to watch Ben run. We were excited. We (G and I) LOVE to cheer for people. No lie... it was so quiet that when I was cheering people on G asked... what's dat noise mama? And he meant my echo. yah. weird. When we found Ben G excitedly told him, "Daddy, we say go runners. We say kick it. we say lookin' good." Be still my heart. Then some dumb barista at starbuks made his "danilla" steamer super hot which burned his little mouth and chest and I told her off. She "didn't know that it was for a kid." Um, ok. Well, the kids cup is a sign. mama bear. out. Then we had a lesson in homeless people and how we have a lot to give and even if you have a little to give it's good to help other people. To which G empathized about if someone needed help building their lego tower he would absolutely help. It was so sweet. and precious. and cute. and so so so privileged. And for this... I hope to teach my kids all about being someone else's cheer station.

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