Monday, October 7, 2013

The aching in my bones.

Have you ever been in shape and then absolutely NOT IN SHAPE? I'm falling into the absolutely not in shape kind of place. I know this because I started running last week. And then it hurt to shower, I think. Speed work out? Sure. If you count that as speed. I was on a track, so there's that? Hills in the dark? Sure. Why not tack on an extra mile because I never pay attention to a map? 5 miles? Sure. Why not? Death by toddler stancing to pick up 485 acorns? done. So every tuesday and thursday morning, before anyone in my house is awake (unless you count meyer, because he still doesn't sleep alllllllllllllllllllllllll night), I'm up and out the door and started on my workout. Because I can. Because I have a family to go home to. Because I'm re training with team in training. This time in my own town. Help me find a cure. Please click on the donate screen on the left side of the screen. Because I know you came here to try to give me money. I promise you a hand written thank you note. What? like that isn't what you're really after. If you aren't too sore.

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CDS said...

You are amazing and strong! KUDOS!!