Thursday, February 12, 2015

Griffin is 4.5

Four and a half.  We have been talking about being four and a half for MONTHS.  You are so excited to be four and a half.  And that is worth celebrating to me.  So we made a cake.  A 1/2 cake to be exact.  We also sang half of the happy birthday song.  You had a pretty great day.  And I love that you love a celebration.  You are a smart smart boy.  You are kind.  Energetic.  You hate sleeping.  You have a lot of emotions that you have a hard time controlling.  You feel deeply.  I love you.  I love having conversations with you.  You remember EVERYTHING.  You also know everything.  You are competitive and a sore loser.  You are active.  You are handsome.  You love making paper airplanes.  You have moved from playing trains to only building train tracks that include legos.  YOU LOVE LEGOS.  A lot.  And coloring.  And I love you.  More than anything in the world.  My first baby.  The reason I'm a mama.  1/2 of the reasons I wake up in the night.  You never want to be alone.  Sometimes I can't wait for you to go to bed because you have spoken every word that has ever gone into your brain all day.  Then you go to bed and I need you.  I love you.

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