Thursday, February 12, 2015


Little Mey Mey.  Oh my little Mey Mey.  This is what we call you and what you call yourself.  "I too" or "DATS MEY MEY."  "I want Mey mey."  "I mey mey" are uttered a million times a day.  You are kind of adorable.  And a mess.  And you get by with it because you are adorable.  You laugh.  Lots.  You make hilarious faces.  You are still a biter.  You get mad and over it quickly.  You love to share.  You are typically a great eater.  Except when you don't eat.  Nightly, you run through the house naked before your bath saying, "DEADY, set, DOoooooooo."  You reference a lot of things by their sounds.  The Count, from Sesame Street is "Ah, Ah, Ah."  Curious George is "ooh ooh."  Cookie Monster is cookie eating sounds.  Makes me laugh.  You get mad at people or they hurt your feelings and you whine and say, "bubba.  Or DADDY."  You are a snuggle bug.  You love to be held.  YOu say "up up" a million times a second.  You want to wear shoes 24-7.  You also want me to wear shoes.  You do things you aren't supposed to and when you get in trouble you just answer with a "sorry.  Sorry."  You are my best sleeper which means I love you.  A lot.  Mostly, I love everything about that baby belly of yours and hope that you never ever grow up.  Yuu are in my very favorite stage and I hope that you never change.

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