Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meyer Boo is TWO

He may tell you he is two or he may tell you he is 4.  Whatever mood strikes, I suppose.  He also cannot show you two on his fingers, but shows some sort of gang sigh, I'm sure.

He is in LOVE with his bobby--his paci.  We have limited bobby to his bed or car.  Then, when he turned two, just to the bed.  I'm weak though.  He is so darn cute with it.  He actually napped at a friends house today and so I packed it and he found it and it was like someone relapsing.  He was so stinking happy.

Speaking of happy.  This guy is generally HAPPY.  Like when he woke up this morning and I went in and he threw his arms up in the air and said, "MOMMY!  I pootsthed."  Because he has a lisp and can't say poop.  And pootsthed is cute.  He also loves "bock bocks."  which are his flip flops.  Constant statements, "Mey Mey's bock bocks.  Mommy's bock bocks.  TWO BOCK BOCKS."  He has started saying Griffin instead of Bubba sometimes.  He has started saying everything and anything all of the time.  Non stop.  He loves mommy.  You are so so snuggly.  You love to sit in someone's lap.  You refer to a lot of things by their sound.  ooh ooh is Monkey.  You love ooh ooh (curious george.)  You notice things.  Way more things than we give you credit for.  Your laugh is hilarious.  You have a million expressions.  Seeing you be sad is terribly sad.  Your face melts.  You know some letters.  Your favorites are O, M, R, S, and Y.  Why?  I have no idea.  You started noticing them all over.  I look back at your newborn pictures and feel like we had to rush through your babyhood because another baby came.  You are still such a baby.  You LOVE singing and dancing.  You like to get a guitar and say I sing the "wee why dong."  (super why song) and close your eyes and groove.  You are also known to sing "let it doe." (let it go).  You also want to do everything your brother does.  You get upset when you can't.  You want to run.  I want to kiss your cheeks all of the time.  Which is fine by you.

I hope you are always so happy.  I hope you always enjoy a good snuggle.  I hope that you continue to want your mommy, fight hard for yourself, love your brothers unconditionally, and always enjoy a good snack.

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