Wednesday, May 21, 2008

everybody move to the back of the buuuuuuuus

Apparently, I have no friends because here in Austin all the hot ladies are underground playing d&D... or are on the bus...

(actual craigslist posting I found today)

I am looking to join or start up (even BETTER) A D AND D gaming group. I have played be4, but it was with all guys. That is okay, but I would prefer not to be the only gal. I take the bus.
I also play a little chess.

Monday, May 19, 2008

prepare for tears (and get out your checkbook)

So, I asked Kelli if she would send me a bit about her being diagnosed with Hodgkins and her treatment and remission. Here is what she wrote. She is truly an inspiration. Did I mention that she also has passed the bar and recently taken a job with the Juvenile Diabetes Fund???
( to donate... it works best through internet explorer

Hey Amanda,

Not sure exactly what info you want, so I'll just give you the low down. I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin's Lymphoma on April 13, 2007, one month before graduating law school. I moved down to Houston to be treated at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where I underwent 7 months of intravenous chemotherapy. Chemo was rough, I experienced all the ordinary side effects like intense nausia, fatigue, etc, and of course, I lost my hair. I finally chose to take control on August 20, 2007, when I had a head shaving party with my family. It was extremely emotional, but it was a way of not letting cancer beat me.

I officially went into remission on August 21, 2007, but I still had to finish my course of chemo, which I finally finished October 4, 2007. I am still in remission today, and I go into the hospital every 3 months for catscans, bloodwork, chest x-rays, etc. I live with the fear every day that despite beating the cancer, it is going to come back.

Cancer was hands down the most trying experience of my life, and I am so lucky I had so many family and friends who stood behind me, went to doctor's appointments with me, helped me on the days I couldn't even get out of bed, provided me a shoulder to cry on when it all got too overwhelming. I was very lucky that even in the serious stage I was diagnosed, I still had a very high cure rate, but to get there involved almost a year of very painful, invasive, and crippling treatments. I am proud to be involved with TNT because I know that by raising money, we are not only going to find a BETTER cure for lymphoma and other blood cancers, but we are going to eradicate the disease entirely. I attended my first TNT run back in January, when my sister and my cousin ran in my honor, and I immeadiately felt part of a close knit community every time I saw someone in a purple shirt run past me.

I am so proud of you for doing this, Amanda, for everyone who has ever been touched by this awful disease!!!


Saturday, May 17, 2008

an epidemic.

So, it's apparently an epidemic that kids are obese in the US.
A certain type of nalgenes has been recalled. Oh lord, this seriously could turn into an epidemic! I mean, first nalgenes, then the black north face, and then rainbows! What would SMU come to? I'm thinking that our numbers would dramatically decline, and the people that did go there would look very different. I mean, can you imagine??

I had my first TNT run today. It went really well. I thought we were only running 2 miles, but it was anywhere from 2-5 miles... and so, I know that I can run 2 so I ran 4. This will probably be considered a mistake tomorrow.

What else will be a mistake tomorrow? My hair. I decided to go back blonde so I went to get it done. I tell her what I want. I don't like chunky highlights... it gets washed, dryed, and there are stripy highlights. EW. So, I stood up for myself! I was extremely nice and said that it wasn't what I had wanted. They said, come back in an hour... so... after 5 hours my hair was ugly and slightly hideous. Yah. I'm disgusting. So, I go up to pay for this and the guy tells me it's $145. I say, I don't mean to be rude, but I've been here for 5 hours and I don't think that I should have to pay full price. So, I didn't. But seriously? YOu asked me to pay full price? pissed. Pissed and ugly.

Oh, and I'm freaking out about working 2 jobs and running a half marathon. I went to the school on Thursday and I'm afraid it's going to take more time than what I had previously thought. UG..............................

I hate growing up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hot crazy tranny mess

this is me. I'm basically some sort of crazy woman who has taken on 2 jobs and when I finally accepted the 2nd one today (after debating for 2 weeks) I almost threw up.

SO, I'll be the after school director for the Trinity Episcopal School here in Austin ( It's this absolutely amazing job that I'm REALLY excited about! I'll get to fill my nitch of working with the little ones, working in an educational environment, and trying to get them to create a position for me full time... well, that or knocking off one of their chaplains and graciously stepping into their posish. WIll it work? Who knows. I have talked with the Director about future positions opening up for me there/them creating one.

The other one is taking on a PT youth ministry job at University United Methodist. They are a great church (as far as I can tell.) I love that they are open to the Mo's and make a statement about that, it's where the Wesley Fellowship meets, and it's across the street from Mellow Mushroom. You had me at extra cheese. Kidding of course. THis has been a big struggle. I've overthought and over complicated things. I am just not sure I'm ready to give up weekends... SO, I've asked for one weekend off a month and to do most of my work from home. Lets see if they still offer me this. Perhaps I should re-iterate to them how I would benefit the community by pouring my money into cheese products within walking distance to the church? We'll see. I sent a ridiculously long email to the sprc guy and he has not yet responded. and it's been an entire hour. My life is over. kidding.

AND.... I'm mentoring with Team in Training (with the leukemia and lymphoma society). We had our kick off meeting last night at which I'm so thankful I didn't have to talk because I would have been a blubbering mess after watching their video (which I've seen before.) We met our honored heroes and I met my mentees (well, all but 2). We start our group runs this Saturday and I begin fundraising NOW. (GIVE ME MONEY.) The race is in November and I need to raise about $2200. You can check out my website and donate at It's best if you open it in internet explorer for some reason? Probably the internet elves causing havoc. I'm excited about getting back into running EVEN after a guy hit me with his car door on Monday. This means I'm awesome.

So, back to my job dilemma now solved I suppose... I'm really stressed about it and need continual prayers. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough to do both, that I'm going to work an ass load, and that I'm going to fail. There. I said it. I actually SHARED some thoughts about myself. (and I just avoided a call from the sprc guy. Yep, screening my calls. Turns out he talked to the assoc and senior pastor and they are on board even though I laid out like a bagillion lists of things that I dont' want to do, or ways I want to do them.)

Heres to hoping that I can become a magician and weave a fake reality that makes them think I'm awesome.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

just so you know...

My sweet sweet ambien is not working... I'm so freakin' stressed that even my sleeping pills (which by the way, "may cause drowsiness") aren't working!!!!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Indecision '08

SO, how do I go from having a loathing for my working career (though I really do like the guy I'm working for, it's just not at all fulfilling), to having 2 great job offers? I mean, seriously? What the hell? or the h-e-double hockey sticks considering my near work with children again. I'm having this terrible time trying to decide what to do.
I THINK I've decided that I'm definitely going to work at the school, now the choice is do I also work at the church? Both of these jobs are part time and both are awesome opportunities, but do I want to work on weekends? If we end up going to that church and I volunteer that would suck not not get paid for what i"m doing. It's a great church that's open and affirming to all people and I love that. I just already have 6 weddings between now and november and that's a lot of Sundays away. I mean, what if Ben and I want to go somewhere for a weekend? Stress stress stress...but at least my stress is well dressed. The moms came in town while Ben was in the UK and we did the usual of shopping and pedicuring and margaritaing. All delightful events. Then my wonderful husband also bought me some lovely articles of clothing from a far away place.
Ok, back to the issue at hand... so I haven't been sleeping and it's all I can think about. Everyone is like, well at least it's a good decision... blech. right. Luckily the doc gave me some ambien yesterday and I freaking love that shiz. I sleep not well in general, but with all this crap on my mind I can't turn off myb rain at night... not even after a couple of glasses of wine. So, I tried a half of a pill last night and I sleep SOUNDLY. The addictiveness, I believe, must come from the deep desire to be rested. I Can't wait to take it again tonight. This does not help the thoughts of me being a druggie. I'm not, I swear! It's my first time. I can quit anytime. So, I'm sending one up to the JC about this buisness and I'm "hoping to see only one setta prints." Seriously, if only I could be a conservie and "let go and let God" life would be easier, but alas... So, I would love all of your thoughts and prayers as I attempt at discerning my vocational options. Stupid grown up words.

I start mentoring with Team in Training next week! We had our first meeting on Sunday and I'm pretty excited to get back involved with that. I think it will be a great way to meet poeple. I'm not getting to do the Nike this year because Ben has a friend getting married that weekend (lame) so I'm doing one in San Antonio. IT's also a lot cheaper fundraising wise so that's a good idea I suppose. Also keep me in your thoughts as I have not really been running as much as I should... I hope I don't die, but that if I do become injured there's a medical professional close at hand... and if there's not... just take me to Target. I believe that this is where rehab should be for me due to whatever ailments.

Oh, and you may remember my april challenge to lose 5 lbs... well, I gained and lost the same ONE pound a couple of times. I'm going to transfer that goal to May. This seems more realistic

It's Mother's day this weekend. Perhaps I'll give my mom some ambien. I believe that Jesus lives in Ambien and this is how He's coming back. Lucky for me, I'm on the A-train.