Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Griffin. 865 days old.

So you know... he's 2.  2 years old.  That's what I say when people ask.  Not 2 years and 4 months.  Or 27 months.  Or almost 2.5.  I just say 2.  Anyway, stepping down now...

Who says jazz hands aren't masculine?

Here are some things that Griffin is into saying and doing

Ben and Griffin were playing outside last night while I came inside to remove my bra and lay on the couch a minute in silence and when it was time to come in G, per daily schedule, threw a massive screaming fit.  Came in, saw me, and said calmly, "I just crying a wittle, Mommy."  The "I just..." is funny to me.  I go into his room in the AM's (after the light turns green obvi) and say, "GOOD MORNING!"  I usually get a laugh or something.  This morning it was, "Good morning.  Mommy, I just sitting a little."  Last night he fell down on our walk--ensue drama.  He NEEDED a bandaid but then couldn't walk with it on and told me, "I walk weelwy swowy, mommy" and walked like an old man.

He's big into calling me "mom" when he's ready to get up.  Mom.  Mom.  Mommy.  MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM.

He's ready for potty training.  We still have lots of travels before Christmas so we're waiting.  Parents of the year, say HELL YES.  Anyawy, he also will poop himself and out of the blue say, "I not poopy.  I just tootie a little."  Liar.

watching dinosaur train.
He likes to point out peoples different color of eyes.  Mommy has brown eyes.  Daddy has green eyes.  Eyyiott has blue eyes wike Gwiffin.  Thankfully, he also told me that my teeth are white.  If he told me I had butters I would have been sent into a tailspin of crazy. 

He's discovered nipples.  We'll leave it at that.

He's a pretty good sharer. 

He catches on to logic and uses it against me.

He only wants daddy to swing him. 

He only wants mommy to put him to bed.  Asks me to hold his hand while he lays there. 

He knows which lambie he thinks smells the best.  OG lambie.

He LOVES other kids.  Loves suckers. 

Less admirable are the massive fits.  Some that have included hitting at me or Ben.  But the big fits where he screams that he NEEEEEEEDS BOOTY PIRATES (pirates booty) are the best. 

He says a lot of things correctly now.  It makes me sad. 

I guess he is 865 days old, though.

boring Santa picture.  I kind of hoped for screaming.

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