Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yesterdeee. That's how we say it down hur.

So I was all amped to write the super complainy version of my morning.  READY.  Primed.  It included an elderly dog who needed me… and food… and water in the middle of the night.  A husband who got up at 5:30 to go to the bathroom and didn’t close the door so I light shining on my face.  And a growing baby who is startled by ALL of these events and is a bladder puncher.  Tied with my stupid brain that once it wakes up thinks of EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Because that's what Christmas is about.

Then I just got up and showered and got to work. Granted, I do find something peaceful about being the only person awake in my house… so there’s that.  

We have a cookie party tonight (what, everybody get loud get stupid).  I made a couple of batches of cookies.  I vacuumed the floor.  Steam moped.  Dusted.  Showered and got dressed.  I was tired by 8 am.  So starbucks treat for me and my 85 million other friends in the drive thru.

Then I get to work and read my email… and GUESS WHAT???? I won something! I forgot, but a blog I read a few weeks ago had a giveaway for a Kindle Fire and I WON.  I almost deleted the email because I didn’t know the person.  That would have been sad.   Because I WON something.   Now, if only santa surprised me with a clean house… I’d totally believe he were real.

This was yesterdee.  I didn't make it to cookiepalooza.  Cookies 24/7 up in this bitch.

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