Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mom Confessions.

1. I don't love Bono. I thought I'd just go ahead and start with something offensive. 2. Today I showered for the first time since Friday. 3. I planned on doing that yesterday, but I had my first solo trip with both kids to visit the fams. An long ass trip in a car. A whole gaggle of children (5). 2 of which are mine, but really, they all look alike so who can really decipher one from the other. So Saturday involved some tractor rides, some watching Ell play soccer, some rain, some playing in the mud, some getting stuck in a bed (so so so sorry I didn't take a picture of this) and a tiny baby who refused to sleep. And finally, a decent buzz. Oh. and sleeping with my 3 year old all weekend. 3. I like love Ellen. 4. Tonight as I was putting the little one to bed. The one who still collects food in his neck folds. The one who smells like expensive baby products and sleeps in footy pj's. The one who I am bound and determined to make a good sleeper. So I lay him down awake. Then I lay on the floor next to the crib. In the dark. Scrolling through instagram as I listen to Ben attempt to corral the wild one. Then... I lay there until it dies down and go downstairs to catch up with Ellen. Could I be a more terrible mom? What are your mom confessions? What have you done to cause your child therapy lately?


Sarah K said...

I yell. A lot.

CDS said...

Oh dear...where to begin. I leave my child in the bath by herself all the time. Bad.