Wednesday, December 11, 2013

8 months.

Mey mey. You are the sweetest happiest little baby. Granted, I said this about your brother, too. However, you sleep way better so you get bonus points. Just like Griffin, when you wake up and I come into your room you are a bundle of excitement and joy! You laugh. You kick your legs. You accidentally run your head into the crib because you are so excited. Everyday. (learning curve, buddy) Unlike your brother, you also are content to be in your crib for a while after you wake up, just hanging out and rolling and looking around and talking to yourself. Peace on earth. Thank you. You LOVE your paci wub a nub. You are able to find them if you need them in the night. You like to hold them and snuggle them. If I’m nursing you and you have the paci too you can’t decide how to do it all. It’s precious. You crawl. You are mobile. You no longer have to roll everywhere. You continue to laugh and say hi and WAVE. You say “mama” and now, the new one is “Da.” This means (we think) dog AND Dad. I mean, maybe you are just into shortening things like your mom? Lets go with it. Though you don’t sleep on the go—you are WAY too inquisitive for that—you DO take some pretty kick ass naps. You also eat. Everything. No holding back. You are an eater. You love feeding yourself. I made you baby food and you like that, but you are also just fine eating table food. I’m kinda sad to not be making baby food, but it’s kinda awesome that I don’t have to. I’m a contradiction like that. You love tubbies. You were so excited when you graduated to the “kid” bath upstairs with… get this a SHIT TON OF TOYS. You just light up and can’t decide what you want to grab and immediately put in your mouth. The options are endless. You love to kick your legs and slap the water. You have sensitive skin. You are growing so much more hair all of a sudden. You “graduated” from you helmet. They gave you a certificate. Note that because I’ll probably throw it away because seriously? You cry if I walk away. You are a good little snuggler at bed time. You don’t want me to rock you while you are laying when you are done nursing. You want to be held up right and snuggle in my neck. It’s adorable. Then, you are done with that and you reach for your bed. Again, both awesome and disappointing for me. Your massive amount of spit up has decreased. Except this which in which it seems to be back. Gross. Lets move on from that one. I’ll save your certificate for that. You have had your first thanksgiving. Your first parade of lights. Your FIRST picture with Santa. There were no tears. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for next year for that one. Changing your diaper is a workout. You will not be still. You don’t like having your clothes changed. When I put your shirt on you kinda freak like you will be stuck in there forever. Dude, it’s like .5 seconds. Cutting your nails. Hate. I never buy you anything because you wear hand me downs and we have plenty of toys. Sorry, second child. You weigh about 18 lbs. You have two teeth. You wake up 1-2x a night. Usually just once. You go to bed around 6 and wake up for the day between 7-7:45. You nap around 9:30 and again at 1. You, my love, are just a sweet joy of a baby. I wish I could keep you this way forever. You don’t talk back. You don’t throw fits. You don’t need anything but some good love and some food. We love you to pieces our little Mey-mey. Meyer-boo. Tiny. Chunks. Meyer the destroyer. It's your newest name. And as of today, December 11, 2013 at 4 am you can pull up in your crib and go from tummy position to sitting. Slow it down. I love you.

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Sarah K said...

He is G's twin!! So damn cute! And 8 months already?! No. Stop the madness!!