Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was amazing this year. Lots of reasons. to start, my standards were low. Traveling on Christmas every year is kinda crappy, but, all about family so we aren't going to skip it. I mean, I have spent EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS OF MY LIFE with my sister. Hard habit to break. I had less of a break up when we stopped spending christmas eve in the same bed. XOXO Court, but lawsy, I'll let Chris have ya. We headed to Ben's parents house on Sunday and hung out there with them on Sunday. Monday we got up and headed to the "polar express." This was an awesome treat from ben's aunt and uncle to all of us Griffin. It was cold as the abominable snowman's balls. We ended that with a blog worthy brunch. Y'all. It was serious. Biscuits and gravy. topped with hashbrowns. topped with eggs. topped with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Anyway, I should stop thinking about that... Ben's family from Germany was in town which is always VERY fun. Saw our BFF's. Had christmas Eve and headed to my parents house. Where I had done zero wrapping and therefore needed a cocktail. How parents do big multi part gifts in one night is beyond magical. This was G's first Christmas that he "got" Santa. And it was amazing. He walked into the room and saw his train tracks. dumbfounded, threw an arm to the side and said "WHAAAAAAT???" So so adorable. We had lots of cousin time. Playing time. Family time. Walking on hay bales time. too much drinking time (adults, not kids... though he also had a sip of my mimosa and decalred, I LIKE CHAMPAGNE!" Fun game playing time and too too many presents. So many we couldn't bring them all back. (insert my mom singing, "it's my perogative.") Meyer had a great first christmas. He got a new paci. He clapped a lot. He terrorized Kellen. he got to swing. He got loved on. He was the cutest baby around. Now, an amazing amount of pictures.

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