Thursday, January 16, 2014

G is THREE.5.

And says some pretty awesome things.  He is also the most stubborn person on the planet and occasionally hell bent on destruction and time outs.

We painted his nails with sparkly pink nailpolish the other day which he adored.  and has been sure to tell me not to "wash of his sparkle."  I painted mine for .5 seconds and then removed it.  Tossed the nail polish remover pads in the trash.  Later G threw something away and said, "It smells like chloroform in here."

You might think... why does your 3 year old know that word?  And it's because (don't call cps) we hold things up to his face and ask, "does this smell like chloroform to you?"  Mostly, we are genius parents.

He also told me when Meyer was crying the other day that he was crying, "because he needs a lady friend."

He needs to "tell me a question" a lot.  Usually, that means he just wants to tell me something.

He likes to smell his lambies. It's his comfort.  He needs them.  I'm torn between what to do about that.  He didn't take lambie in the car (left in the car when we go places) to Little gym tonight and so he "smelled" me.  I think I'm flattered.

He is the most pickiest eater/not picky eater.  He would eat yogurt for every meal of his life.  And orange juice.  He also love sushi.  Asks for it often.  like raw salmon sushi.

He throws fits that will blow your mind.  He is trying out independence.  He is testing limits.  He is testing ME.

Have you ever had a child that can make you LOSE YOUR EFFING MIND, but has the sweetest heart.  Seriously, the sweetest.  Things hurt his feelings.  He is a big wimp if there is something slightly scary.  He is kind.  He is a great share-er.  He is telling jokes.  He "kids."  He is ridic smart.  He likes to get his "hydration" and his "fitness" on.  He is hilarious.

And in the past week I have had 3 people tell me that he is "so kid," "always generous," and "doesn't follow the crowd when they are making poor choices."  This makes me proud.  And today he told me that he told  a girl at school "I am part of a kind family.  we use kind words."  (because she says not nice things.)

Mostly, I love him more than anything.  He called me his "sweetest gwerl" at bed time.  He made me want to cuss 2 hours before that.  He asked me to "stay and hold his hand a little longer."  He had to "ask me a question--mama, don't forget to check on me."

He is my perfection.  The best big brother.  Gentle.  Loving.  A great bike rider.  A rememberer of ALL names.  My 3.5 year old.

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