Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dinosaur train.

I've been watching too much dinosaur train.

For this Pteranydon Family who has so GENEROUSLY taken in a T Rex egg.  I mean, his mom didn't even notice him there until one of her other hatchlings is all, "hey mom... it looks like you have another baby."  She's all ohhhhhh right... I mean, whaaa how did this one get here?  I'll keep him.  I'll tell him he is just like one of us (only smarter than Don.  Lets be serious.  That kid... not bright. La la looooo.)

Also, they only feed him fish.  And forget that he can't fly.  Or that he will probably grow up and eat them.

Just saying.  This series is completely dinosaurist and exclusivist.  And uses names for dinosaurs that I didn't grow up with.

And I'm too old to keep up with these things.


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Sarah Krekow said...

Hilarious. Couldn't agree more.