Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Griffin's latest Griffin-isms

Ben is traveling.  A lot.  For work.  For "work."  Anyway, when he is gone G gets to sleep with me one night.  If he remembers.  Last night when we were on the 400 millionth, "oh, and mommy..." I said "tomorrow you can sleep with mommy."

Tonight we were going through bed time.  We were done.  Read our books.  Sang our songs.  Lights out.  Mommy leaving.

"Mommy, yesterday you said tomorrow I could sleep with you.... Is today tomorrow?"


I pick up all his "a lot of things" and his pillow.

"It's ok, Mommy.  I don't need my pillow.  I'm just going to sleep on yours."

And in another version of life...

Someday I am going to be a daddy.  Meyer is going to be a daddy, too.  We sure are going to have a lot of daddy's in our house!  Where will we all sleep?

Ummm... your room?

No, Meyer can sleep with his room.  I'm going to sleep with you and Daddy.

He's just growing up too fast.

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