Friday, June 6, 2014

Life Lessons.

We went to the pool for the first time this season on Saturday.

This was after a long effing day of buying a car with 2 children (never again.... which is good, because I will get a new car in like 20 years or something.)  Long.  We even only went for one specific car.  They finally let us go eat lunch while waiting and the closest thing was a Wendy's.  G said... ew gross to the nuggets I got for him and Meyer.  Meyer refused.  They both refused the frosty.  What?  I guess that's what happens when they only get chic fil a.  yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  side tracked.

Anyway, there is only so much to do in a car dealership with two small people and it is 100 million degrees outside.  They behaved as best as they could.  So the pool was a reward for my non napping kids.

We geared up.  I threatened G to get it together.  We made it to the pool with 800 of our closest neighborhood friends.  G was over the MOOON.  He also lives in some fantasy world that because he took swimming lessons last year (in which he refused to participate 95% of the time) that he knows how to swim.  Anyway chillin in the kiddie pool jumping up and down, going down the slide.  Then joins me and Meyer in the big pool and ingests a shiz ton of water because he can't swim with his mouth closed.  Keeps coughing.  I keep saying that if he keeps swallowing water he will throw up.  "No I won't mommy.  I'm not swallowing water."

Cut to 10 mins later and he vomits in the kiddie pool.  I remove him as quickly as possible.  Tears.  He is in tears.  Not because he "frowed up" but because we are leaving.

With this comes his life lesson, "Griffin, any time you throw up on yourself it's best to go home and take a bath."

And this my friends is kicking off pool season 2014.  To chlorine!  And your kids not eating that day so only having apple sauce vom! could have been worse.

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