Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter meat.

We didn't travel "home" for Easter this year.  Instead we stayed home, where we actually live.  And it was AWESOME.  (also, side bonus that a tummy bug was going around the other half of the fams.  Thank you Jesus for letting us skip that one.)
I kind of died at the cuteness here.  My older one refused a tie.  Jerk.  DO WHAT MOMMY SAYS!  Kidding, kidding, but seriously?
A big ol' meal for the 4 of us seemed silly and really, I don't love traditional holiday foods, unless they are provided, and mac n cheese, and dessert, and probably whipped cream and mashed potatoes, but everything else, meh?  SO Ben, the master meat smoker, smoked us a brisket.  It.  was.  amazing.  The best one ever.  And he made beans.  With meat in them.  And then cooked some greens, cooked in bacon grease.  Basically, we only ate meat for Easter.  It was delicious.

Then we felt miserable.

So yesterday I made some healthy nature cookies (thanks, weelicous) and had three of those for dinner and my kids left over fish.  Tonight, we are going with a pinterest salad of roasted veggies.  I told Ben he wouldn't even NOTICE there was no meat in it.  He assures me I'm wrong.

Then again, he was singing, "I'm going to wash your body, get it clean" via Justin Timberlake "rock your body."

It's true non vegetarian love.

(Official camera photos coming soon.)

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