Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Other moms.

I mostly keep to myself.  I talk to everyone, fo sho, but in the parenting gig thing I mostly just focus on my kids when we go places.  Also, I occasionally find other kids annoying.  Mine too.  Not saying they are perfect.  Anyway.... as you have seen G$ is in the swimming world.

The pool makes me massively anxious.  I watch him in swimming lessons because really, the 17 year old swim instructor can't watch everyone and three kids age 5, almost 4, and 3... is a lot to keep up with.  (along with the other classes going on.)  Today, G kept going off the step when it wasn't his turn.  Finally, one time at the end, he couldn't make it back up.

Mama saves.

He cries.

I hold him on the side of the pool.  Lessons are over and we are the only people sitting there.  Him crying.  Me holding him when another mom walks up.

She proceeds to tell me about how when she was growing up and in swimming lessons her mom went to get a snack and the swim instructor thought she had made it to the side, but she didn't and she fell to the bottom and panicked, and some lady grabbed her by her hair and saved her.  Otherwise she wouldn't be here.


Why, other moms?  Why?


Sarah K said...

Other moms are mostly horrible. Their kids? Even worse. I'm a terrible person. ��

A.B. said...

I'm terrible too, Sarah. Safety in numbers.