Thursday, June 12, 2014

Single parenting isn't my favorite.

If you follow me on the insta's you know I've been single parenting.  A lot.  You know that I have two wild boys.  I'm preggo with the third.

I also like to complain.

This, Ben says, is MAYBE the last trip, other than the other last trip/in Austin work extravaganza until baby comes.  I believe it too.  Maybe.

Anyway, I have not been sick in approximately one year.  Until this weekend, when I contracted some sort of plague.  I'm probably dying.  Anyway.  G started swim lessons on Monday.  Oh, back it up.  I first woke up to Meyer Monday morning and brought him downstairs.  Began making him breakfast only to see that there is a MOUSE in a trap.  Ummm a MOUSE.  If you are counting wildlife in our house we have had bats, raccoons, and now mice.  I HAVE FOUND ALL OF THEM.  GROSSSSSS.  Living on a green belt is so overrated.

Swim lessons.  Plague.  Single parenting.  Day 2.  Meyer woke up at 5:45.  Screaming.  For no reason.  He also pooped in the bathtub.  I took him out and put him on the potty.  Nothing.  Then I got him down... and he proceeded to poop on the floor.  twice.  and walk in it.  AMAZING.

Day 2 down.  How many more to go?

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