Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pardon the mom shrieks. Swimming lessons

Last year swimming lessons were mostly failure.  G had fallen in the pool the weekend before he started.  It had been raining.  The water was cold.  He had a newborn brother.

This year... different story.  First of all, he truly believes he knows how to swim because he had lessons last year?  Ummmm ok.  So we've been trucking it to the pool this week.  We go early.  Take dinner.  Have lessons.  Continue to talk about how he knows how to swim.  He wants to go off the diving board.  He wants to go down the big slide.  He wants to swim underwater.  He is rocking it.

We hadn't tried the diving board until tonight.  The first attempt was a little intimidating.

Then he brought his A-game.  I hope you can see his pride in his face.  But you probably can't over my shrieks.  I'm one proud mama.

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