Monday, January 25, 2010

A few updates...

Ben fell down the stairs.--I don't remember which night this was... I was engrossed in the end of my book (I'm perfect. You're doomed.) There I am reading away and I hear a slip, oh no, thud. Ahhh. I jump up and neatly place my book on the table so as to not lose my spot. (It's an emergency, but so is losing your spot in a book.) There he is, next to a pile of snuggies, fishing supplies strewn about, gasping for air. I was stressed and worried as he was rolling around. Then he talked, and maybe then I giggled. He only missed one step so it wasn't as bad as it sounds... but it did make him extremely sore the rest of the week. So much so that we didn't run the 1/2 on Sunday. However, we met some friends for lunch and then people came over and hung out and had drinks and made dinner and in the process... Ben decided, that with an aching back he should clime a tree that has been annoying him (after removing sections of our fence) and they should cut it down. With a chain saw. And a rope tied to it. oh dear. I mostly watched from inside.ben in tree. friend throwing rope to additional intoxicated man.

We shopped for cribs. Or at least looked at some. And some car seats. I know it's early. The goal is to spread out these large purchases. Ben LOVED visiting, Buy Buy Baby, Babies r us and Baby Coco (local Austin store.) It was a nice little Saturday.

We got annoyed with the city of Austin for going to the movies on the night WE wanted to go. Um EVERY SINGLE MOVIE at Alamo drafthouse was sold out until 10:30. Which, we all know, is my bewitching hour and therefore dumb to pay money for me to go to a movie and sleep. Our prime goal in going to the draft house was that we didn't have food for dinner and they feed you.
We didn't end up running. So we went to La Madeline which was sooo busy they were SOLD OUT of bread. That's like Dairy Queen being out of ice cream. Sacreligious.

13 weeks picture.
AWFUL picture.

AND... my most recent cravings. I've restrained myself to 2 donuts. Until today. When I stopped at Krispy Kreme (I blame a blog I read who told me if I bought a dozen I'd get 12 valentine's cards that equal 12 free donuts.) For the record... I did not buy 12.


SpeasHill said...

Can't wait to hear more! Sounds like quite the week for y'all.

CateN said...

I'm glad Ben was OK! A woman I work with missed just one step last year and wound up having major surgery a few hours later, almost lost her foot. But Ben Black is probably much more wily than her :)

Are Krispy Kremes your craving, or just donuts in general? If you go to a mom and pop place, do yourself a favor and try a chocolate covered old fashioned. Heaven.

Meg said...

ADORABLE! you, not the donuts....ok, the donuts are pretty cute too. And how have I not heard the tree cutting down story....that might be better than the falling down the stairs story! Eventful week!!

Emily said...

I enjoy your 13 week photo. But it just looks like you had chips and salsa followed by enchiladas and tres leches. This is much smaller than my stomach the other day when we had mountains of italian food.