Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for Self Control--it seems to have disappeared.

Um, so I'm not a super sweets person. Given the chance for dessert at a restaurant, I'll probably get the cheese plate (or an alcoholic beverage.) I choose fruit. I think it's delish. I'm also that weird kid who prefers the waffle cone to the actual ice cream.
However, since I'm GROWING ANOTHER BEING this has changed. Case in point-I had bluebell (no sugar added) ice cream for dinner on Sunday night. It was the ONLY thing that sounded good. Sure, I occasionally go for some froyo, but it just hasn't been cutting it. I'm also knee deep in some creamsicles (only 100 calories. So basically like eating air.) Mmmmm and the thought of a rootbeer float is to die for.
Today, (it's only 10:45) I have had 4 breakfasts. Oatmeal with blueberries. An apple. A banana. Wait, ok only 3... unless you count my childs size organic chocolate milk onesie. I count it as calcium. Yesterday for lunch a BIG HUGE LOVELY grilled cheese. Working out? Umm.... I have worked out before. I went to yoga on Monday. Not sure that counts. Pretty sure it doesn't. I HAVE HAVE HAVE to run tonight or I will go to a super mega church and sing with my arms raised in the air. As this would be my personal hell I believe I better get those shoes up and running.

Did I mention I'm running a half marathon on SUNDAY. In only 4 days I will have my arse handed to me. It would have been helpful if after I ran 7 miles 2 weeks ago I donned my running shoes again, but alas...
I feel huge. Gigantic. Fatsy. I'm awkward. I know it's like Oh... but you're preggo. Sure. Sure. I don't think that means my self control goes flying out the window. Today it changes (I hope.) Today, (I think) I will get back on the train. If only I looked a LITTLE bit pregnant and not just like my clothes are tight that would make me feel better. You know what else would probably make me feel better?
A facial. A massage. And my last 2 servings of bluebell.


SpeasHill said...

Your self-control is gone b/c you are now being controlled by the alien in your uterus. At least Lola has yummy cravings.

Erin Michelle said...

dude if i was growing in your stomach.... i'd make you eat a lot more than ice cream and bananas!! oohhhh!
hope that's not a creepy comment! haha. good luck on sunday! i think its awesome you'll be able to say, while blowing on your knuckles and brushing em off on your shirt, "oh yeah, i ran a half marathon while i was pregnant. yea no biggie."

Courtneytcu98 said...

I'm still astonished by the fact that you had chocolate milk. That, of everything else, has convinced me you are actually indeed preggers. My sister doesn't like milk. Therefore it must be the alien. Only reasonable explanation, right?